Submissions from 2011

Understanding of creativity in hospitality education in Taiwan: a qualitative approach, Shu Ying Lin and Chak Keung, Simon Wong

An examination of the differences in retail service evaluation between domestic and tourist shoppers in Hong Kong, Alison E. Lloyd, Leslie S.C. Yip, and Sherriff Ting Kwong Luk

A comparison of cold-water thawing options in Chinese restaurants, Jennifer Lo, Wilco Chan, and Kevin Wong

Understanding organizational citizenship behavior from a cultural perspective: an empirical study within the context of hotels in Mainland China, Jin Wang and Chak Keung, Simon Wong

The effects of palm cooling on high intensity back squat performance, Anthony Weldon

Emotional labour and job satisfaction of flight attendants in Hong Kong, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Pui Yan, Clare Fung

Submissions from 2010

Reliable and valid NEWS for Chinese seniors: measuring perceived neighborhood attributes related to walking, Ester Cerin, Cindy H.P. Sit, Man Chin Cheung, Sai Yin Ho, Janet Lee, and Wai Man Chan

Coaching with eagle eyes, Indy Ho

Flexibility training revolution, Indy Ho

The relationship between creativity and organizational climate among hotel employees in Hong Kong: canonical analysis approach, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Adele Ladkin

Submissions from 2009

Performance assessment in field sports, Christopher Carling, Thomas Reilly, and A. Mark Williams

Hong Kong hotels' sewage: environmental cost and saving technique, Wilco Chan, Kevin Wong, and Jennifer Lo

Integrate medicine ball in your personal training program, Indy Ho

Applying Six Sigma in foodservice organizations, Kivela Jaksa and Jacques Kagi

The development of a questionnaire to examine the individual, family, school environment, dietary factors and physical activity level among Hong Kong adolescents, Lok Chun, Janet Lee and D J. Macfarlane

A study of the perception of tourism and hospitality students in Hong Kong on evaluation of hotel websites, L. Pang and Kin Sun, Rico Wong

Submissions from 2008

Environmental quality index for the Hong Kong hotel sector, Wilco Chan, Kevin Wong, and Jennifer Lo

What triggers top management turnovers in China?, Peter Cheng, J.L. Li, and Wilson H.S. Tong

Be balanced back, Indy Ho

Sports specific fitness training, Indy Ho

Stretchability, Indy Ho

Developing a framework for an environmental assessment method for Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, Jennifer Lo and Wilco W. Chan

Diagnosis of water consumption in the kitchen of traditional Chinese dim sum restaurants, Jennifer Lo, W. Chan, and K. Wong

The moderator effect of monetary sales promotion on the relationship between brand trust and purchase behaviour, Sherriff Ting Kwong Luk and Leslie S.C. Yip

Value creation in international electronic markets: a conceptual framework, Saeed Samiee, Peter G. P. Walters, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Submissions from 2007

Relationships and performance of trade intermediaries: an exploratory study, Patrick K.O. Fung, Ivy S.N. Chen, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Expanding your personal training market: sports conditioning and performance, Indy Ho

Jacky廚房: 自然歐陸風 Confessions of a chef: Jacky, Jacques Kagi and Kerry Hui (許宇恆)

Perceptual difference of dependence and its impact on conflict in marketing channels in China: an empirical study with two-sided data, Nan Zhou, Guijun Zhuang, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Submissions from 2006

與傳媒打好關係, Shou San, Susan Chan (陳秀珊)

Power, satisfaction, and relationship commitment in Chinese store: tenant relationship and their impact on performance, B. Ramaseshan, Leslie S.C. Yip, and Jae H. Pae

Selling to Chinese consumers: the challenges facing retailers in China, Leslie S.C. Yip and Ivy S.N. Chen

Submissions from 2005

Handbook of soccer match analysis: a systematic approach to improving performance, Christopher Carling, A. Mark Williams, and Thomas Reilly

Shanghai GM's marketing strategy for the China market, Ivy Siok Ngoh Chen, Sherriff Ting Kwong Luk, and Leslie S.C. Yip

A case study of hotel information technology applications in Hong Kong, Kenith Leung, N. Au, L. Wong, and R. Law

Submissions from 2004

The impact of the Internet on travel agencies, Rob Law, Kenith Leung, and Rjames Wong

International marketing in Southeast Asia: retailing trends and opportunities in China, Saeed Samiee, Leslie S.C. Yip, and Sherriff Ting Kwong Luk

Submissions from 2003

Kinematic and electromyographic analysis of the push movement in Tai chi, S.P. Chan, Jim Luk, and Y. Hong

International marketing and the Asia‐Pacific region: developments, opportunities, and research issues, Paul Chao, Saeed Samiee, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Book review: market-oriented technology management: innovating for profit in entrepreneurial times, Rob Law and Kenith Leung

Submissions from 2002

A study of travellers' perception on disintermediation, Rob Law and Kenith Leung

Online airfare reservation services: a study of Asian-based and North American-based travel web sites, Rob Law and Kenith Leung

Managing intraorganizational diffusion of innovations: impact of buying center dynamics and environments, Jae H. Pae, Namwoon Kim, Jin K. Han, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Hotel web sites: a study of travelers' purchase intention, J. Wong, R. Law, and Kenith Leung

Submissions from 2001

Strategic auditing: an incomplete information model, Peter Cheng, Bradley D. Childs, and William W. Sheng

The universality of the signal theory for products and services: doing business in China, Sunil Erevelles, Abhik Roy, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Submissions from 1996

Why managers voluntarily make income increasing accounting changes?, Peter Cheng and Daniel Coulombe

Submissions from 1993

Voluntary income-increasing accounting changes, Peter Cheng and Daniel Coulombe

Submissions from 1990

Intrafirm resource allocation: the economics of transfer pricing and cost allocations in accounting, Amin H. Amershi and Peter Cheng

Submissions from 1989

On the demand for historical events recording and maintenance of audit trails, Amin H. Amershi and Peter Cheng