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Listing of authors who have works in this repository as of April 14, 2024. Click the name of an author to see a listing of that person's work. For more information, see About the Repository.



Au, Ching Man Phyllis (Docs: 1)

Au, Ho Leung (Docs: 2)

Au, Wai Kuen (Docs: 1)

Au, Yiu Fai, James (Docs: 1)

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Bosson, Anthony Richard (Docs: 1)

Bosson, Anthony (Docs: 1)

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Carling, Christopher (Docs: 2)

Chan, A. P. (Docs: 1)

Chan, Ah-Pun (Docs: 1)

Chan, Bok Man David (Docs: 3)

Chan, Cho Yin, Joe (Docs: 1)

Chan, Chung Chung, Joan (Docs: 2)

Chan, Chung Woon, Avery (Docs: 1)

Chan, Daniel Wai Tin (Docs: 1)

Chan, David T.W. (Docs: 1)

Chan, Gloria, Ching Wah (Docs: 1)

Chan, Hing Yui, Nichole (Docs: 1)

Chan, Hiu Fai (Docs: 3)

Chan, Hon Chuen, Ken (Docs: 4)

Chan, K.F. (Docs: 1)

Chan, Kim Hung Martina (Docs: 1)

Chan, Lawrence W. (Docs: 1)

Chan, Lawrence (Docs: 2)

Chan, Lok Man Nikita (Docs: 1)

Chan, M. H. E. (Docs: 2)

Chan, Man Hin Eve (Docs: 1)

Chan, Man Hin, Eve (Docs: 29)

Chan, Nikita (Docs: 1)

Chan, Parker (Docs: 10)

Chan, Paul (Docs: 6)

Chan, Po Lung, Prosper (Docs: 2)

Chan, Shou San, Susan (Docs: 3)

Chan, Shun Wan (Docs: 89)

Chan, Sidney Man Ngai (Docs: 1)

Chan, Siu Lung (Docs: 1)

Chan, Tsz Chung (Docs: 2)

Chan, Wai Mun, Selina (Docs: 1)

Chan, Winnie (Docs: 7)

Chan, Yin Ha, Emmy (Docs: 2)

Chan, Yin Lun (Docs: 3)

Chan, Yuet Keung Cadbury (Docs: 1)

Chau, Man Lut (Docs: 34)

Cheang, Sin Man Ivan (Docs: 1)

Chen, Cheng Jen, Clement (Docs: 1)

Chen, Leslie (Docs: 36)

Cheng, Anthony (Docs: 1)

Cheng, Chi Ho Jimmy (Docs: 8)

Cheng, Choi Fung (Docs: 1)

Cheng, Kar Wai, Joanna (Docs: 3)

Cheng, Peter (Docs: 9)

Cheng, Wai Fan (Docs: 1)

Cheong, Kai Yuen (Docs: 2)

Cheung, Benson (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Calvin Hoi Kok (Docs: 2)

Cheung, Chi Leung (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Chor Heung Joanna (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Chor Wang, Alice (Docs: 4)

Cheung, Fan Sang, Vincent (Docs: 3)

Cheung, Ho Yeung, Tommy (Docs: 2)

Cheung, J. (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Kwok Fai, Angus (Docs: 8)

Cheung, Ling Jenny (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Man Wai, Janet (Docs: 8)

Cheung, Ming Yin, Marvin (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Oi Lam (Docs: 1)

Cheung, Shirley (Docs: 2)

Cheung, Wai Lun, Allen (Docs: 2)

Cheung, Yi Ching, Anna (Docs: 15)

Chiu, Catherine (Docs: 1)

Chiu, Chu Hing (Docs: 1)

Chiu, Ping Kuen, Peter (Docs: 4)

Chiu, Sin Han, Monica (Docs: 5)

Cho, Tsz Kin (Docs: 1)

Choi, Athena (Docs: 5)

Choi, Chi Kit, Jackson (Docs: 4)

Choi, Lai Kun, Annie (Docs: 3)

Choi, Siu Mei, Emily (Docs: 27)

Chow, Anthony (Docs: 5)

Chow, King Chung Joseph (Docs: 1)

Chow, Lai Ling Lilian (Docs: 1)

Chow, Man Hon, Billy (Docs: 4)

Choy, King Lam, Jacquelin (Docs: 1)

Choy, Siu Ming, Vincent (Docs: 2)

Choy, Sonny (Docs: 8)

Chu, Hoi Lam (Docs: 1)

Chu, K.C. (Docs: 1)

Chu, Kin Cheong (Docs: 4)

Chu, Man Hing (Docs: 1)

Chu, W. C. A. (Docs: 2)

Chu, W. C. (Docs: 1)

Chu, Wai Ching, Alice (Docs: 9)

Chu, Wilson (Docs: 7)

Chu, Wing Kin (Docs: 2)

Chu, Wing Kin, Julian (Docs: 13)

Chua, Hong (Docs: 7)

Chung, Chi Kit, Ronald (Docs: 1)

Chung, Chi Ping, Roy (Docs: 1)

Chung, Fung Sheung, Kuby (Docs: 1)

Chung, Kit Man, Gloria (Docs: 2)

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Fong, Lai Ying, Vicki (Docs: 3)

Fong, Michelle Yuen Shan (Docs: 1)

Ford, Patrick Shaun (Docs: 5)

Fu, S.P. (Docs: 1)

Fu, Tak Chung (Docs: 12)

Fung, Alex (Docs: 1)

Fung, Chi Wai (Docs: 11)

Fung, Ka Shuen (Docs: 5)

Fung, Kim Wan, Eric (Docs: 1)

Fung, Lim Chi (Docs: 1)

Fung, Man Keung (Docs: 1)

Fung, Shung Yu, Alex (Docs: 1)

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Garralda Ortega, Ángel (Docs: 9)

Garralda, Angel (Docs: 1)

Guan, De Qi, Bill (Docs: 5)

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Ho, Daniel C.W. (Docs: 36)

Ho, Indy (Docs: 15)

Ho, Kin Chuen Matthew (Docs: 2)

Ho, Kit Yee, Hidi (Docs: 2)

Ho, Man Kit Indy (Docs: 1)

Ho, Pak Cheung (Docs: 1)

Ho, Pei Ying, Peggie (Docs: 1)

Ho, Sin Yi (Docs: 1)

Ho, Wai Lun, David (Docs: 7)

Ho, Ying Wai, Jeffrey (Docs: 1)

Ho, Yuk Ching, Jessica (Docs: 1)

Hui, Chun Man, Sam (Docs: 5)

Hui, Ka Ho (Docs: 2)

Hui, Ken (Docs: 3)

Hui, L. C. (Docs: 1)

Hung, Benson, K. H. (Docs: 1)

Hung, Chor Ki (Docs: 1)

Hung, Edward (Docs: 1)

Hung, Humphry (Docs: 1)

Hung, Kin Ho, Benson (Docs: 3)

Hung, Shun Wai (Docs: 1)

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Ip, T.T. (Docs: 1)

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Kagi, Jacques (Docs: 2)

Kam, Mang Chi, Kelvin (Docs: 1)

Kea, Josephine C.S. (Docs: 1)

Kee, Yee Chun,Tristance (Docs: 31)

King, Pui Yuk, Alex (Docs: 8)

Ko, Lap Hang Kenji (Docs: 1)

Kong, Anthony Pui Keung (Docs: 1)

Kung, Sau Sau, Cecile (Docs: 3)

Kwan, Ka Yi (Docs: 1)

Kwan, Wai Wing, Eric (Docs: 1)

Kwok, Kai Hing, Daniel (Docs: 1)

Kwok, Sin Tung (Docs: 1)

Kwok, Yick Kan (Docs: 1)

Kwong, Lik Hang, Kelvin (Docs: 1)

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Lai, Kwok Hung (Docs: 1)

Lai, Pearl (Docs: 1)

Lai, Shu Ming, Albert (Docs: 4)

Lai, Shui Yu, Andy (Docs: 12)

Lai, Suen Tung, Ming (Docs: 1)

Lai, Tak Fai, Larry (Docs: 3)

Lai, Wing Hang, Jack (Docs: 1)

Lam, Huen Sum (Docs: 1)

Lam, Ka Lun Dragon (Docs: 1)

Lam, Kelvin Ki (Docs: 1)

LAM, Magnum (Docs: 15)

Lam, Man Lok, Magnum (Docs: 7)

Lam, Man Wai, Miranda (Docs: 1)

Lam, Pak (Docs: 2)

Lam, Rechell Yee Shun (Docs: 1)

Lam, Wai Keung, Wallace (Docs: 1)

Lam, Yan Yan (Docs: 9)

Lam, Yat Ming, Terence (Docs: 28)

Lam, Yee Nee, Elita (Docs: 20)

Lau, Chris (Docs: 1)

Lau, Donna Wing Yiu (Docs: 1)

Lau, Hillary Kin Hung (Docs: 1)

Lau, Hiu Ying, Ada (Docs: 2)

Lau, Lai Fong, Annie (Docs: 3)

Lau, Lai Kai (Docs: 1)

Lau, Sau Ming (Docs: 1)

Lau, Shao Huei, Carling (Docs: 1)

Lau, Siu Wah, Clarence (Docs: 1)

Lau, Sze Man, Melissa (Docs: 1)

Lau, Tak Yan (Docs: 1)

Lau, Wai Kin, Elvis (Docs: 10)

Lau, Wai Kit Jaeger (Docs: 5)

Lau, Wing Iu (Docs: 1)

Lau, Yee Kwan, Joanne (Docs: 1)

Lau, Yik Sze (Docs: 1)

Lau, Yuk Lan (Docs: 1)

Law, Angus (Docs: 11)

Law, Man Yee, Caroline (Docs: 7)

Law, Wai Keung (Docs: 3)

Lee Wong, Sau-wan, Teresa (Docs: 1)

Lee, Ada (Docs: 1)

Lee, Chi Ming (Docs: 1)

Lee, Chun Hing, Ringo (Docs: 2)

Lee, Chun Sze, Eunice (Docs: 1)

Lee, Cyril Yik Ching (Docs: 1)

Lee, Janet (Docs: 8)

Lee, Jonathan K.F. (Docs: 3)

Lee, Kin Man, Amazon (Docs: 6)

Lee, Kwok Lang (Docs: 1)

Lee, Liane (Docs: 19)

Lee, Liane (Docs: 2)

Lee, Mee Oi Rachel (Docs: 1)

Lee, Po Ling, Bowling (Docs: 2)

Lee, Sau Fong, Anna (Docs: 3)

Lee, Siu Woo, Kenneth (Docs: 1)

Lee, Tse Yan, Alexander (Docs: 1)

Lee, Wai Ching, Crystal (Docs: 1)

Lee, Wai Kit Mark (Docs: 1)

Lee, Yan Ki, Yanki (Docs: 21)

Lee, Yanki (Docs: 2)

Lee, Yuen Fai, Augustus (Docs: 2)

Leung, Candy Mei Ting (Docs: 1)

Leung, Ching Man, Johnny (Docs: 3)

Leung, Dennis N.K. (Docs: 1)

Leung, Emma Yim Ha (Docs: 1)

Leung, Ho Ching (Docs: 1)

Leung, Ho Tung (Docs: 1)

Leung, Kenith (Docs: 6)

Leung, Kwai Wing (Docs: 1)

Leung, Man Kit Christopher (Docs: 3)

Leung, Manwey Joseph (Docs: 1)

Leung, Mitzi (Docs: 1)

Leung, Pak Yuen, Beam (Docs: 1)

Leung, Ping Hung Karl (Docs: 13)

Leung, Po San, Cecilia (Docs: 2)

Leung, S.Y. (Docs: 1)

Leung, Sam C.S. (Docs: 43)

Leung, Sui Man, Anita (Docs: 1)

Leung, T.Y. (Docs: 1)

Leung, Tsz Yan, Flora (Docs: 3)

Leung, Yam Shing (Docs: 2)

Leung, Yat Wah, Derek (Docs: 3)

Leung, Yau Cheung, Frankie (Docs: 1)

Leung, Yuen Bing (Docs: 1)

Leung, Yuen Ling, Leona (Docs: 4)

Leung, Yuk Ling, Belle (Docs: 1)

Li, Fred Cheong Fai (Docs: 1)

Li, Ka Leung, Emil (Docs: 15)

Li, Lung Ming (Docs: 1)

Li, Sai Sum, Sam (Docs: 1)

Li, Tak Ming, Andy (Docs: 3)

Li, Tung Ching, Kathy (Docs: 1)

Li, Yat-chuen (Docs: 1)

Li, Yu Fai, Will (Docs: 1)

Lim, David (Docs: 34)

Lim, May (Docs: 1)

Ling, T.K. (Docs: 1)

Lip, Amy Wai Ting (Docs: 1)

Liu, Sai Lok, Eric (Docs: 2)

Liu, Shuk Yi, Ivy (Docs: 2)

Liu, Yudan, Michael (Docs: 4)

Lo Chan, Woon-ching, Eliza (Docs: 1)

Lo, Brenda (Docs: 1)

Lo, Harmania (Docs: 4)

Lo, Hau Yee, Doris (Docs: 1)

Lo, Jennifer (Docs: 6)

Lo, Ka Wah, Joe (Docs: 1)

Lo, Lai Kuen Brenda (Docs: 1)

Lo, Ting Sze, Esther (Docs: 1)

Lo, Tsz Yan, Jeanne (Docs: 1)

Louie, Man Wai Ray (Docs: 14)

Low, Po Tin (Docs: 2)

Lu, Lam, Leslie (Docs: 1)

Lu, Shitu (Docs: 3)

Lu, Xiaoying, Helen (Docs: 18)

Lui, Chi Ho (Docs: 1)

Lui, Fung Yee Bonnie (Docs: 2)

Lui, Wing Yin (Docs: 1)

Luk, Fiona Wing Yin (Docs: 2)

Luk, Fiona (Docs: 1)

Luk, Jim (Docs: 4)

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Ma, Shu Wan (Docs: 1)

Ma, Will (Docs: 1)

Ma, Will, PhD (Docs: 9)

Mak, Jason Tsz Shun (Docs: 1)

Mak, Kit Yi, Vienna (Docs: 1)

Mak, Yiu Keung Aldous (Docs: 1)

Man, Chun Sing, Raymond (Docs: 1)

Man, Ka Mun, Carmen (Docs: 1)

Martins, Fernando Manuel Lourenço (Docs: 1)

Mok, Wai Kuen, Vic (Docs: 6)

Montague, Nigel. J. (Docs: 1)

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Ng, Cassandra (Docs: 3)

Ng, Chak Man (Docs: 7)

Ng, Hing Ngok, Krates (Docs: 3)

Ng, John (Docs: 3)

Ng, Judy W.F. (Docs: 2)

Ng, Po Hing, Patrick (Docs: 1)

Ng, T.L. (Docs: 1)

Ng, Tsz Ho, Roger (Docs: 2)

Ng, Vitrierat, Sophia (Docs: 6)

Ng, Wai Yi, Annie (Docs: 1)

Ng, Yuk Kwan, Ricky (Docs: 5)

NGAI, King Wah (Docs: 1)

Ngan, Shing Cheung (Docs: 1)

Ngo, Jake (Docs: 1)

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O, Brian H.M. (Docs: 1)

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Pang, Aaron Hok Chung (Docs: 1)

Polhill, Adrian John (Docs: 4)

Pomfret, Michael John (Docs: 1)

Pong, Joe (Docs: 15)

Poon, Kin Long (Docs: 1)

Poposka, S.T. (Docs: 1)

Pun, Kwok Leung (Docs: 11)

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Qiu, Xiao Yan (Docs: 4)

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Scott, Albert H. S. (Docs: 1)

Shang, Weijia (Docs: 10)

Shi, Shulin (Docs: 8)

Shiu, Yiu Cheung, Greg (Docs: 1)

Shum, Terence (Docs: 6)

Sin, Ka Chun (Docs: 1)

Since, Hugo Alexis (Docs: 1)

Siu, Ka Wai, Flora (Docs: 12)

Siu, Man Chong (Docs: 1)

So, Wai Ying, Candie (Docs: 1)

Song, Zheng, Sonia (Docs: 1)

Suen, Gar-yun Garry (Docs: 1)

Sung, Wai Mui Dilys (Docs: 5)

Suresh, Anjana (Docs: 1)

Sy, Hing Yee, Ivy (Docs: 19)

Szeto, Ho Chin, Irene (Docs: 1)

Szeto, Irene (Docs: 1)

Szeto, Yim Tong Savio (Docs: 22)

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Tam, Ka Fung, Kelvin (Docs: 1)

Tam, Kai Fung (Docs: 1)

Tam, Keith (Docs: 8)

Tam, Mei Fung, May (Docs: 1)

Tam, Wai Yiu, Nelson (Docs: 1)

Tang, Alan S.T. (Docs: 1)

Tang, Chin Hong, Jonas (Docs: 1)

Tang, Oscar (Docs: 1)

Tang, Wai Yin, Paco (Docs: 1)

To, Chau Yin, Sylvia (Docs: 3)

To, Ching Nok, Catter (Docs: 4)

Tran, Yi Seam Sarah (Docs: 3)

Tsang, Albert Siu Yin (Docs: 1)

Tsang, Albert (Docs: 2)

Tsang, Chi Wing, Alex (Docs: 28)

Tsang, Edmond (Docs: 1)

Tsang, Francis H.F. (Docs: 1)

Tsang, Ming Tak, Jackie (Docs: 1)

Tsang, Paul Wai Kei (Docs: 53)

Tsang, Paul Wai-kei (Docs: 1)

Tsang, Paul (Docs: 1)

Tsang, Yiu Wing (Docs: 1)

Tse, Jean Yuk Tin (Docs: 1)

Tsoi, Irene (Docs: 2)

Tsui, Chong Hing (Docs: 1)

Tsui, Loky (Docs: 1)

Tsui, P.F. (Docs: 1)

Tsui, Paul T.W. (Docs: 1)

Tsui, Paul Tak Wing (Docs: 1)

Tsui, Paul (Docs: 1)

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Villalta Puig, Stephanie (Docs: 10)

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Wai, Pui Yee, Angela (Docs: 1)

Wan, Ching Nam (Docs: 1)

Wang, Anqi (Docs: 1)

Wang, Bei, Helen (Docs: 8)

Wang, Chao, Shirley (Docs: 39)

Wang, Danping (Docs: 45)

Wang, Michael (Docs: 1)

Wang, Shifeng, Stephen (Docs: 11)

Wang, Yuanhao (Docs: 3)

Waters, Dan (Docs: 26)

Weldon, Anthony (Docs: 22)

Weldon, Anthony (Docs: 1)

Wing-Hong, Or (Docs: 1)

Wong, Anthony (Docs: 1)

Wong, Chak Keung, Simon (Docs: 14)

Wong, Chau Ping Mabel (Docs: 6)

Wong, Cheuk Lam, Cherie (Docs: 9)

Wong, Chi Ming (Docs: 1)

Wong, Chi Mun, Nicole (Docs: 1)

Wong, Chin Pang, Charles (Docs: 3)

Wong, Chun Ho (Docs: 1)

Wong, Chun Hung, Hugo (Docs: 2)

Wong, Del (Docs: 23)

Wong, Gary M.Y. (Docs: 1)

Wong, Ho Fai, Simon (Docs: 17)

Wong, Ka Ho, Matt (Docs: 1)

Wong, Ka-Wan (Docs: 1)

Wong, Kin Ming (Docs: 2)

Wong, Kin Ming (Docs: 1)

Wong, Kin Sun, Rico (Docs: 1)

Wong, Kit Yin Emmy (Docs: 1)

Wong, Kwok Kam (Docs: 1)

Wong, Kwok Kei, Sandra (Docs: 2)

Wong, Lap Wing (Docs: 1)

Wong, Leo Kwun Sing (Docs: 1)

Wong, Nga Lun Alan (Docs: 2)

Wong, Nga Lun, Alan (Docs: 3)

Wong, Nga Lun, Alan (Docs: 1)

Wong, Ngai Chi, Edwin (Docs: 1)

Wong, Pak Hin (Docs: 1)

Wong, Robin (Docs: 1)

Wong, S.K. (Docs: 1)

WONG, Shek Ho (Docs: 1)

Wong, Shun Ting (Docs: 1)

Wong, Sing T. (Docs: 1)

Wong, Siu Wah Gladys (Docs: 1)

Wong, Wai Ning, Kris (Docs: 3)

Wong, Wai Ping, Helen (Docs: 1)

Wong, Wai Yan (Docs: 1)

Wong, Wan Chi, Winnie (Docs: 3)

Wong, Wing Gun, Alan (Docs: 6)

Wong, Yik-lung, Lawrence (Docs: 4)

Woo, C.W. (Docs: 1)

Wu, Dennis Wing Kin (Docs: 1)

Wu, Pak Lun (Docs: 1)

Wu, Sai Kwan, Kenneth (Docs: 2)

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Yan, Dickson Yuk Shing (Docs: 2)

Yang, May (Docs: 1)

Yang, Shun Lai (Docs: 1)

Yau, Carrie (Docs: 5)

Yeung, Che Keung (Docs: 1)

Yeung, Che Keung (Docs: 1)

Yeung, Chor Kiu (Docs: 1)

Yeung, Fu Yiu, Vincent (Docs: 1)

Yeung, Siu May, Yvonne (Docs: 4)

Yi, Ying Ying (Docs: 4)

Yip, Chi Chung (Docs: 1)

Yip, Chun Kit (Docs: 1)

Yip, Joseph S.L. (Docs: 1)

Yip, Leslie (Docs: 17)

Yip, Pui Yi (Docs: 1)

Yip, Wai Ka Olivia (Docs: 2)

Yiu, Lai Lei, Nina (Docs: 4)

Yiu, Wing Ka, Joanna (Docs: 2)

Yu, Chi Yin (Docs: 1)

Yu, Hoi Fu, Peter (Docs: 24)

Yu, Yiu Tong (Docs: 1)

Yu, Yong Hong (Docs: 1)

Yue, K.M. (Docs: 1)

Yuen, Man Ching, Connie (Docs: 7)

Yuen, Pok Man, Peter (Docs: 53)

Yum, Tin-kin (Docs: 1)

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Zhang, Allen (Docs: 35)

Zhang, Lina Lisa (Docs: 5)

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《職業訓練局銀禧紀念集》編委會 (Docs: 1)