Submissions from 2018

An exploratory study to conceptualize press engagement behavior with public relations practitioners, Wai Ying, Liane Lee; Sai Chung, Leslie Yip; and Kara Chan

Submissions from 2017

A Tri-party semiotics approach for advertising polysemy: Luxury brand advertisement analysis under the framework of Roland Barthes, Mikhail Bakhtin, Gunter Kress and Theo van Leeuwen, Shou San, Susan Chan

Language choice, intertextuality and multimodality: the changing power-relations displayed in Hong Kong Government health and safety posters (1950s-2010s), Shou San, Susan Chan

WeChat marketing case study: social media communication model and message strategy, Fei, Felicia Fan

Young consumer's responses to personal loan commercials, Fei, Felicia Fan and Kara Chan

Relationship between biomechanical characteristics of sprint-specific plyometric exercises and sprinting performance in youth college sprinter, Tze Him, Denis Kam and Tze Chung, Jim Luk

Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility in China and Hong Kong, Wai Ying, Liane Lee and Kara Chan

Managing customer relationships in the emerging markets: Guanxi as a driver of Chinese customer loyalty, Wai Ying, Liane Lee; Yiming Tang; Sai Chung, Leslie Yip; and Piyush Sharma

Press co-creation behavior: conceptualization and scale development, Wai Ying, Liane Lee; Sai Chung, Leslie Yip; and Kara Chan

Higher lifting successful rate when using intra-set rest during bench press exercise, Del Puilam Wong; Man Kit, Indy Ho; Tze Chung, Jim Luk; and Kwan Lung, Jake Ngo

Submissions from 2016

Psychosomatic and physical responses to a multi-component stress management program among teaching professionals: a randomized study of cognitive behavioral intervention (CB) with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) approach, Doreen W.H. Au, Hector W.H. Tsang, Janet Lee, Christie H.T. Leung, Jennie Y.T. Lo, Shirley P.C. Ngai, and W.M. Cheung

The shoulder region: anatomy, assessment and injuries, Anthony Richard Bosson

Target information asymmetry and acquisition price, Peter Cheng, J.L. Li, and Wilson H.S. Tong

社交媒體傳播模式及行銷策略:微信互動之行銷體驗, Fei, Felicia Fan

Exploring the usage and perception of elderly fitness corner in Hong Kong: a mix-model pilot study, Lok Chun, Janet Lee; S.Y. Choi; C.W. Chan; W.T. Ngan; and L.C. Lee

A public relations practitioner’s engagement with journalists: a stakeholder engagement perspective, Wai Ying, Liane Lee; Sai Chung, Leslie Yip; and Paul T.W. Tsui

Exploring the effect of staff achievement on job satisfaction in Hong Kong residential clubhouse, N.C. Li and Harmania Lo

Hong Kong student retention: theories, models, approaches, Ho Chin, Irene Szeto

Roles of training professionals in hotel industry, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Patrick Lee

Barriers to elearning as perceived by management and hospitality undergraduate students, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Chi Mun, Nicole Wong

Submissions from 2015

How consumers perceive environmental advertising in the banking context, Kara Chan and Felicia Fan

General network analysis of national soccer teams in FIFA World Cup 2014, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, Dimitris Kalamaras, Del Wong, and Rui Sousa Mendes

An exploratory study on the antecedents of occupational commitment among hospitality educators in Hong Kong, Pui Yan, Clare Fung; Adele Ladkin; Hanaa Osman; and Chak Keung, Simon Wong

100+ balance and core stability training, Indy Ho

Jump out of sports injury, Indy Ho

Effect of different recovery durations between bouts in 3-a-side games on youth soccer players' physiological responses and technical activities, Y. Köklü, U. Alemdaroğlu, A. Dellal, and Del Wong

Rehabilitation following fibro adenoma removal surgery for a female junior elite basketball player with sacroiliac and lumbo pelvic dysfunction: a case report, Edith Y.T. Lam, Kitty T.K. Wong, and Indy Ho

Effects of high-intensity intermittent running exercise in overweight children, Patrick W.C. Lau; Del Wong; Kwan Lung, Jake Ngo; Y. Liang; C.G. Kim; and H.S. Kim

上市公司如何應對負面消息: 中國閩中食品與中國西部水泥的比較 How does listed company handles negative news? China Minzhong Food vs West China Cement, Wai Ying, Liane Lee (李暐英)

Guanxi as a relationship commitment and loyalty behaviour: a study of Chinese banking customers, Wai Ying, Liane Lee and Yiming Tang

Effects of a dance-based program on sense of stability in elderly: a pilot study, Harmania Lo

Heart rate: based training intensity and its impact on injury incidence among elite-level professional soccer players, Adam L. Owen, Jacky J. Forsyth, Del Wong, Alexandre Dellal, Sean P. Connelly, and Karim Chamari

Will hotel employees’ perception of unethical managerial behavior affect their job satisfaction?: a study of Chinese hotel employees in China, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Jane Shiyin Li

Submissions from 2014

High prevalence of false-positive plateau phenomena during VO2max testing in adolescents, Fernando G. Beltrami, Del Wong, and Timothy D. Noakes

Acute effects of the number of players and scoring method on physiological, physical, and technical performance in small-sided soccer games, Filipe Manuel Clemente, Del Wong, Fernando Manuel Lourenço Martins, and Rui Sousa Mendes

The effect of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on back squat and bench press exercise to failure, Michael J. Duncan, Anthony Weldon, and Michael J. Price

Influence of exercise intensity and duration on perceived exertion in adolescent Taekwondo athletes, Monoem Haddad, Anis Chaouachi, Del Wong, Carlo Castagna, Olivie Hue, Franco M. Impellizzeri, and Karim Chamari

Static stretching can impair explosive performance for at least 24 hours, Monoem Haddad, Amir Dridi, Moktar Chtara, Anis Chaouachi, Del Wong, David Behm, and Karim Chamari

Can-do Hong Kong spirit: changing the perception of insurance, Wai Ying, Liane Lee

The Mickey Mouse aura, Wai Ying, Liane Lee

Guanxi and Chinese brand loyalty, Wai Ying, Liane Lee and Yiming Tang

The mediating roles of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation between classroom learning environment and creativity among hospitality students in Taiwan, Shu Ying Lin and Chak Keung, Simon Wong

Time buying and time saving: effects on service convenience and the shopping experience at the mall, Alison Elizabeth Lloyd, Ricky Y.K. Chan, Leslie S.C. Yip, and Andrew Chan

Effect of "warm-up dance, towel dance and tambourine dance" on improving the sense of stability in elderly persons, Harmania Lo

辨别酒店环保成就的基准: 环保评估方法和标签 Tools for benchmarking and recognizing hotels' green effort: environmental assessment methods and eco-labels, Jennifer Lo (盧玉), Wilco Chan, and Carol X. Zhang

Time-motion analysis of elite male kickboxing competition, Ibrahim Ouergui, Nizar Hssin, Monoem Haddad, Emerson Franchini, David Behm, Del Wong, Nabil Gmada, and Ezzedine Bouhlel

High intensity training and salivary immunoglobulin: a responses in professional top-level soccer players: effect of training intensity, Adam L. Owen, Del Wong, Gordon Dunlop, and Carole Groussard

Physical and technical comparisons between various-sided games within professional soccer, Adam L. Owen, Del Wong, D. Paul, and A. Dellal

Changes in strength and aerobic performance by concurrent training in under-19 soccer players, Manuel López Segovia, José Manuel Palao Andres, Del Wong, and Juan José González-Badillo

A factor−cluster approach to understanding Hong Kong hotel employees' symptom-management-related coping behavior towards job stress, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Crystal Ying Huang

Comparing the physiological and perceptual responses of construction workers (bar benders and bar fixers) in a hot environment, Del Wong, Joanne Wai Yee Chung, Albert Ping Chuen Chan, Francis Kwan Wah Wong, and Wen Yi

Submissions from 2013

Effects of Ramadan on the diurnal variations of repeated-sprint performance, Asma Aloui, Anis Chaouachi, Hamdi Chtourou, Del Wong, Monoem Haddad, Karim Chamari, and Nizar Souissi

Strength and body composition changes in recreationally strength-trained individuals: comparison of one versus three sets resistance-training programmes, J.S. Baker, B. Davies, S.M. Cooper, Del Wong, D.S. Buchan, and L. Kilgore

Using the thermal work limit as an environmental determinant of heat stress for construction workers, Albert P. C. Chan, Wen Yi, Daniel W.M. Chan, and Del Wong

Factors affecting horticultural and cleaning workers' preference on cooling vests, A.P.C. Chan, Y. Yang, Del Wong, and E.W.M. Lam

The impact of product market competition on earnings quality, Peter Cheng, Paul Man, and Yi H. Cheong

Repeated sprint and change-of-direction abilities in soccer players: effects of age group, Alexandre Dellal and Del Wong

Validity and psychometric evaluation of the French version of RPE scale in young fit males when monitoring training loads, M. Haddad, A. Chaouachi, C. Castagna, O. Hue, Del Wong, M. Tabben, D.G. Behm, and K. Chamari

Influence of fatigue, stress, muscle soreness and sleep on perceived exertion during submaximal effort, Monoem Haddad, Anis Chaouachi, Del Wong, Carlo Castagna, Mourad Hambli, Olivier Hue, and Karim Chamari

A brief review of fitness clubs, personal trainers and fitness education providers in Hong Kong, Indy Ho

Cooperate "and" compete: coopetition strategy in retailer‐supplier relationships, Stephen Kim, Namwoon Kim, Jae H. Pae, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Effect of an injury prevention program on muscle injuries in elite professional soccer, Adam L. Owen, Del Wong, Alexandre Dellal, Darren J. Paul, Emmanuel Orhant, and Stuart Collie

School and hotel integration: practices and experiences from stakeholders, Loretta Wai Ling Pang; Chak Keung, Simon Wong; and Nicole Chi Mun Wong

Developing and testing the effectiveness of a novel health Qigong for frail elders in Hong Kong: a preliminary study, Hector W.H. Tsang, Janet Lee, Doreen W.H. Au, Karen K.W. Wong, and K.W. Lai

Physical outcome in a successful Italian serie a soccer team over three consecutive seasons, Gregory Vigne, Alexandre Dellal, Claudio Gaudino, Karim Chamari, Isabelle Rogowski, Guisseppe Alloatti, Del Wong, Adam Owen, and Christophe Hautier

Reflections on pedagogical use of blended learning in hospitality education: a case study of teaching human resources management, Chak Keung, Simon Wong; Loretta Wai Ling Pang; and Nicole Chi Mun Wong

Understanding hotel and tourism undergraduate students' experience of discipline-based freshman seminar: a qualitative study, Chak Keung, Simon Wong; Anne Lai La Tang; Ching Man, Johnny Leung; Andrew Chan; Mimi Li; Joey Wu; Barbara Tam; and Winnie Lee

Using bench press load to predict upper body exercise loads in physically active individuals, Del Wong, Kwan Lung Ngo, Michael A. Tse, and Andrew W. Smith

Submissions from 2012

Managerial ownership, board monitoring and firm performance in a family-concentrated corporate environment, Peter Cheng, Nancy Lixin Su, and Kevin Xindong Zhu

Associations between walkability, physical activity and body fat in Hong Kong adolescents, D. Macfarlane, Janet Lee, and E. Cerin

An exploratory study of postgraduate hotel and tourism management students' experience of learning by games: a case study of hotel and tourism training and development class in Hong Kong, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Anne Lai La Tang

Submissions from 2011

Measuring walking within and outside the neighborhood in Chinese elders: reliability and validity, Ester Cerin; Anthony Barnett; Cindy H.P. Sit; Man Chin Cheung; Lok Chun, Janet Lee; Sai Yin Ho; and Wai Man Chan

The effects of socio-economic status on physical activity participation in Hong Kong adolescents, Lok Chun, Janet Lee and E. Cerin

Understanding of creativity in hospitality education in Taiwan: a qualitative approach, Shu Ying Lin and Chak Keung, Simon Wong

An examination of the differences in retail service evaluation between domestic and tourist shoppers in Hong Kong, Alison E. Lloyd, Leslie S.C. Yip, and Sherriff Ting Kwong Luk

A comparison of cold-water thawing options in Chinese restaurants, Jennifer Lo, Wilco Chan, and Kevin Wong

Understanding organizational citizenship behavior from a cultural perspective: an empirical study within the context of hotels in Mainland China, Jin Wang and Chak Keung, Simon Wong

The effects of palm cooling on high intensity back squat performance, Anthony Weldon

Emotional labour and job satisfaction of flight attendants in Hong Kong, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Pui Yan, Clare Fung

Submissions from 2010

Reliable and valid NEWS for Chinese seniors: measuring perceived neighborhood attributes related to walking, Ester Cerin, Cindy H.P. Sit, Man Chin Cheung, Sai Yin Ho, Janet Lee, and Wai Man Chan

Coaching with eagle eyes, Indy Ho

Flexibility training revolution, Indy Ho

The relationship between creativity and organizational climate among hotel employees in Hong Kong: canonical analysis approach, Chak Keung, Simon Wong and Adele Ladkin

Submissions from 2009

Performance assessment in field sports, Christopher Carling, Thomas Reilly, and A. Mark Williams

Hong Kong hotels' sewage: environmental cost and saving technique, Wilco Chan, Kevin Wong, and Jennifer Lo

Integrate medicine ball in your personal training program, Indy Ho

Applying Six Sigma in foodservice organizations, Kivela Jaksa and Jacques Kagi

The development of a questionnaire to examine the individual, family, school environment, dietary factors and physical activity level among Hong Kong adolescents, Lok Chun, Janet Lee and D J. Macfarlane

A study of the perception of tourism and hospitality students in Hong Kong on evaluation of hotel websites, L. Pang and Kin Sun, Rico Wong

Submissions from 2008

Environmental quality index for the Hong Kong hotel sector, Wilco Chan, Kevin Wong, and Jennifer Lo

What triggers top management turnovers in China?, Peter Cheng, J.L. Li, and Wilson H.S. Tong

Be balanced back, Indy Ho

Sports specific fitness training, Indy Ho

Stretchability, Indy Ho

Developing a framework for an environmental assessment method for Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, Jennifer Lo and Wilco W. Chan

Diagnosis of water consumption in the kitchen of traditional Chinese dim sum restaurants, Jennifer Lo, W. Chan, and K. Wong

The moderator effect of monetary sales promotion on the relationship between brand trust and purchase behaviour, Sherriff Ting Kwong Luk and Leslie S.C. Yip

Value creation in international electronic markets: a conceptual framework, Saeed Samiee, Peter G. P. Walters, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Submissions from 2007

Relationships and performance of trade intermediaries: an exploratory study, Patrick K.O. Fung, Ivy S.N. Chen, and Leslie S.C. Yip

Expanding your personal training market: sports conditioning and performance, Indy Ho