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Predicting Asia’s Clothing Trade with USA within the Belt and Road Initiative Using Neural Network
Man Hin Eve Chan, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, Jenny Cheung, and C. Patal


The Belt and Road Initiative's impact on Textile and Clothing Supply Chains in Asia: Views from Hong Kong Industrial Stakeholders
Man Hin Eve Chan, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, Tsz Leung Yip, Jenny Cheung, and Angappa Gunasekaran


Improving the Energy Efficiency of Petrochemical Plant Operations: A Measurement and Verification Case Study Using a Balanced Wave Optimizer
Man Hin Eve Chan, Kar-Kit Chu, Hin-Fung Chow, Chi-Wing Tsang, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, and Shuk-Kei Ho


Belt and Road Initiative : Collaboration for Success
Man Hin Eve Chan and Angappa Gunasekaran


Engaging the Press – A Grounded Theory Approach
Liane W.Y. Lee, Kara Chan, and Leslie S.C. Yip


One Belt, One Road – OBOR Readiness for Tourism Industry
Liane W.Y. Lee, Paul K.H. Leung, and Piyush Sharma


Press Co-creation Behavior: Conceptualization and Scale Development
Liane W.Y. Lee, Leslie S.C. Yip, and Kara Chan


Spatial differentiation of heritage trees in the rapidly-urbanizing city of Shenzhen, China
Po Ying Lai, CY Jim, Guang Da Tang, Wen Jun Hong, and Hao Zhang

*Updated as of 03/28/20.