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Effects of using four baskets during simulated youth basketball games
Nuno Mateus, Bruno Gonçalves, Anthony Weldon, and Jaime Sampaio


Effects of knee flexion angles in supine bridge exercise on trunk and pelvic muscle activity
Indy Man Kit Ho, Lai Ping Cindy Ng, Kin on Leonardo Lee, and Tze Chung Jim Luk


Potential role of Candida albicans secreted aspartic protease 9 in serum induced-hyphal formation and interaction with oral epithelial cells
Haiping Yang, Peter Chiu Shun Tsang, Edmond Ho Nang Pow, Otto Lok Tao Lam, and Paul Wai Kei Tsang


Development and application of a dynamic model for a solar assisted liquid desiccant air conditioning system.
Dan Zhong, Tao Wen, Xiaohui She, Yi Chen, Meng Wang, Hongxing Yang, and Yimo Luo

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