Submissions from 2020

Building Information Modelling for Building Services Engineering: Benefits, Barriers and Conducive Measures, Wai Yee Betty Chiu and Joseph H.K. Lai

Examining the potential effect of probiotic bacteria in reducing acrylamide, Siu Mei, Emily Choi

A Rapid, Simple, Inexpensive, and Mobile Colorimetric Assay COVID-19-LAMP for Mass On-Site Screening of COVID-19, Franklin Wang Ngai Chow, Tony Tat Yin Chan, Anthony Raymond Tam, Suhui Zhao, Weiming Yao, Joshua Fung, Flora Ka Kei Cheng, George Chi Shing Lo, Stella Chu, Kam Leng Aw-Yong, James Yat Man Tang, Chi Ching Tsang, Hayes Kam Hei Luk, Antonio Cheuk Pui Wong, Kenneth Sze Ming Li, Longchao Zhu, Zirong He, Emily Wan Ting Tam, Tom Wai Hin Chung, Sally Cheuk Ying Wong, Tak Lun Que, Kitty Sau Chun Fung, David Christopher Lung, Alan Ka Lun Wu, Ivan Fan Ngai Hung, Patrick Chiu Yat Woo, and Susanna Kar Pui Lau


Enhancing protection of vehicle drivers and road safety by deploying ADAS and Facial Features Pattern Analysis (FFPA) technologies, Raymond Sze Wai Fu, Xueying Wang, Antonio Wong, and Chi-Wing Tsang

Catalytic hydrogenolysis of lignin β-O-4 aryl ether compound and lignin to aromatics over Rh/Nb2O5 under low H2 pressure, Weixiang Guan, Xiao Chen, Haoquan Hu, Chi Wing Tsang, Jie Zhang, Carol Sze Ki Lin, and Changhai Liang

Enlarging Surface/Bulk Ratios of NiO Nanoparticles toward High Utilization and Rate Capability for Supercapacitors, Jinpei Hei, Liwei Su, Siyuan Chen, Weijun Ye, Jing Zhan, Lianbang Wang, Yunfang Gao, Hongxia Wang, and Yuanhao Wang

Evaluating in-use vehicle emissions using air quality monitoring stations and on-road remote sensing systems, Yuhan Huang, Wai chuen Mok, Yat shing Yam, John L. Zhou, Nic C. Surawski, Bruce Organ, Edward F.C. Chan, M. Mofijur, Teuku Meurah Indra Mahlia, and Hwai Chyuan Ong

Large eddy simulation of vehicle emissions dispersion: Implications for on-road remote sensing measurements, Yuhan Huang, Elvin C.Y. Ng, Nic C. Surawski, Yat Shing Yam, Wai Chuen Mok, Chun Ho Liu, John L. Zhou, Bruce Organ, and Edward F.C. Chan


Re-evaluating effectiveness of vehicle emission control programmes targeting high-emitters, Yuhan Huang, Nic C. Surawski, Yat Shing Yam, Casey K.C. Lee, John L. Zhou, Bruce Organ, and Edward F.C. Chan

Recent advances on the catalytic conversion of waste cooking oil, Mohamad R. Khodadadi, Irene Malpartida, Chi Wing Tsang, Carol Sze Ki Lin, and Christophe Len

Spectrum-based pushover analysis for the quick seismic demand estimation of reinforced concrete shear walls, Yang Liu, J. S. Kuang, Qunxian Huang, Zixiong Gu, and Xueying Wang

Colour Reflectance Investigation of Decolourized Sulfur Dyed Cotton Knitted Fabric via Ozone Plasma Treatment, Yao‐hui Liu, Yanming Wang, Hiu-Yan Cheung, Chi‐wai Kan, and Hong Chua

Solvothermal synthesis of copper-doped BiOBr microflowers with enhanced adsorption and visible-light driven photocatalytic degradation of norfloxacin, Xincong Lv, Dickson Y.S. Yan, Frank Leung Yuk Lam, Yun Hau Ng, Shengming Yin, and Alicia Kyoungjin An


Perceived importance and levels of technical English communication skills among stakeholders in engineering fields, Roger Tsz Ho Ng and Alex Ying Yin Wong

Simulation of engine faults and their impact on emissions and vehicle performance for a liquefied petroleum gas taxi, Bruce Organ, Yuhan Huang, John L. Zhou, Yat Shing Yam, Wai Chun Mok, and Edward F.C. Chan

Debris flow enlargement from entrainment: A case study for comparison of three entrainment models, Ping Shen, Limin Zhang, Ho Fai Wong, Dalei Peng, Shengyang Zhou, Shuai Zhang, and Chen Chen

Enhanced short-chain fatty acids production from waste-activated sludge by using peroxymonosulfate treatment combined with alkaline fermentation Corresponding, Xiulan Song, Yuqing Zhang, Yaohui Liu, Pei Bi, and Bingqin Su


Chemical and toxicological characterization of particulate emissions from diesel vehicles, Bei, Helen Wang; Yik-Sze Lau; Yuhan Huang; Bruce Organ; Hsiao-Chi Chuang; Steven Sai Hang Ho; Linli Qu; Shun-Cheng Lee; and Kin-Fai Ho

Techno-economic evaluation of a biorefinery applying food waste for sophorolipid production – A case study for Hong Kong, Huaimin Wang, Chi Wing Tsang, Ming Ho To, Guneet Kaur, Sophie L.K.W. Roelants, Christian V. Stevens, Wim Soetaert, and Carol Sze Ki Lin

Exposure to phthalates impaired neurodevelopment through estrogenic effects and induced DNA damage in neurons, Shisan Xu, Huan Zhang, Ping Chieh Pao, Audrey Lee, Jun Wang, Yu Suen Chan, Francis A.M. Manno, Shun Wan Chan, Shuk Han Cheng, and Xueping Chen

A multi-timescale cold storage system within energy flexible buildings for power balance management of smart grids, Chengchu Yan, Fengling Wang, Yan Pan, Kui Shan, and Risto Kosonen

Deactivation and regeneration study of a co-promoted moo3 catalyst in hydrogenolysis of dibenzofuran, Jie Zhang, Chuang Li, Weixiang Guan, Xiaozhen Chen, Xiao Chen, Chi Wing Tsang, and Changhai Liang

Promotional effect of Co and Ni on MoO3 catalysts for hydrogenolysis of dibenzofuran to biphenyl under atmospheric hydrogen pressure, Jie Zhang, Chuang Li, Weixiang Guan, Xiaozhen Chen, Xiao Chen, Chi Wing Tsang, and Changhai Liang

The role of oxophilic Mo species in Pt/MgO catalysts as extremely active sites for enhanced hydrodeoxygenation of dibenzofuran, Jie Zhang, Chengcheng Zhao, Chuang Li, Shenggang Li, Chi Wing Tsang, and Changhai Liang

Stability analysis of rock wedge slide subjected to groundwater dynamic evolution, Shuai Zhang, Qiang Xu, Dalei Peng, Zhanxiong Zhu, Wenhui Li, Hofai Wong, and Ping Shen

Submissions from 2019

Integrated photocatalytic-biological treatment of triazine-containing pollutants, Cho Yin Chan, Ho Shing Chan, and Po Keung Wong

Improving the Energy Efficiency of Petrochemical Plant Operations: A Measurement and Verification Case Study Using a Balanced Wave Optimizer, Eve Man Hin Chan, Kar-Kit Chu, Hin-Fung Chow, Chi-Wing Tsang, Danny Chi Kuen Ho, and Shuk-Kei Ho

Metabolomics study on the effect of combination treatment between pioglitazone and piceatannol on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in rats, Shun-Wan Chan, Chi-On Chan, Tung-Ting Sham, Huan Zhang, Yam-Fung Ng, and Daniel Kam-Wah Mok


Outside the Site Boundary, Timothy Kwan Fai Chan

Biorefining waste sludge from water and sewage treatment plants into eco-construction material, Wai Nam Cheng, Haakrho Yi, Chun Fai Yu, Ho Fai Wong, Guoxiang Wang, Eilhann E. Kwon, and Yiu Fai Tsang

Lignin Valorizations with Ni Catalysts for Renewable Chemicals and Fuels Productions, Xiao Chen, Weixiang Guan, Chi-Wing Tsang, Haoquan Hu, and Changhai Liang


Performance of desiccant enhanced evaporative cooling system based on high-low control, Yi Chen, Huaxia Yan, and Yimo Luo

Nb(Ta)-based solid acid modified Pt/CNTs catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation of lignin-derived compounds, Weixiang Guan, Xiao Chen, Chuang Li, Jie Zhang, Chi-Wing Tsang, Haoquan Hu, Shaojie Li, and Changhai Liang

Economic feasibility of gasoline production from lignocellulosic wastes in Hong Kong, Weixiang Guan, Sim-Ying Chua, Chi-Wing Tsang, Xiao Chen, Carol Sze Ki Lin, Raymond Sze Wai Fu, Haoquan Hu, and Changhai Liang

Economic Feasibility of a Gasoline Production Plant from Lignocellulosic Feedstocks, Weixiang Guan, Sim-Ying Chua, Chi-Wing Tsang, Xiao Chen, Carol Sze Ki Lin, Raymond Sze Wai Fu, Haoquan Hu, and Changhai Liang

Tuning the Acidity of Pt/CNTs Catalysts for Hydrodeoxygenation of Diphenyl Ether, Weixiang Guan, Chuang Li, Xiao Chen, Xiao-Ying Lu, Chi-Wing Tsang, Haoquan Hu, Hongxu Qi, and Changhai Liang

A Review on High Catalytic Efficiency of Solid Acid Catalysts for Lignin Valorization, Weixiang Guan, Chi-Wing Tsang, Carol Sze Ki Lin, Christophe Len, Haoquan Hu, and Changhai Liang

Self-cleaning BiOBr/Ag photocatalytic membrane for membrane regeneration under visible light in membrane distillation, Jiaxin Guo, Dickson Y.S. Yan, Frank L.Y. Lam, Bhaskar Jyoti Deka, and Xincong Lv

Characterisation of diesel vehicle emissions and determination of remote sensing cutpoints for diesel high-emitters., Yuhan Huang, Organ Bruce, John L. Zhou, Surawski C. Nic, Yat-shing Yam, and Edward F.C. Chan

Impact of potential engine malfunctions on fuel consumption and gaseous emissions of a Euro VI diesel truck., Yuhan Huang, Elvin C.Y. Ng, Yat-shing Yam, Casey K.C. Lee, Surawski C. Nic, Wai-chuen Mok, Organ Bruce, John L. Zhou, and Edward F.C. Chan

Fuel consumption and emissions performance under real driving: Comparison between hybrid and conventional vehicles., Yuhan Huang, Surawski C. Nic, Organ Bruce, John L. Zhou, Oscar H.H Tang, and Edward F.C. Chan

Diversity of plasmids, antibiotic-resistance phenotypes and UV resistance among ESBL- producing E. coli isolated from WWTP effluent in Hong Kong, O. Jovanovic, C.F. Amabile-Cuevas, Chii Shang, and C. Wang

Are ESBL-producing E. coli isolated from a WWTP effluent more resistant to UV light at different wavelengths?, O. Jovanovic, C.F. Amabile-Cuevas, Chii Shang, and Chao Wang

Laboratory tests on evaluating the performance of road base materials using medium percentage of RAP, Lai Ming Leung, Shanglin Xiao, Ho-Fai Wong, and Winggun Wong

Recent Advancement in Lignin Biorefinery: with Special Focus on Enzymatic Degradation and Valorization, Chong Li, Chao Chen, Xiaofen Wu, Chi-Wing Tsang, Jinhua Mou, Yun Liu, and Carol Sze Ki Lin

NiMoAl catalysts derived from heptamolybdate-intercalated layered double hydroxides for hydrodeoxygenation of Anisole, Chuang Li, Xingzhao Zhang, Xiao Chen, Zhijian Peng, Chi-Wing Tsang, and Changhai Liang

Feasibility Study of Water Current Electric Power Generator, Yaohui Liu

Study of Ground Water Table Lifting by Sand Columns, Yaohui Liu

Synthesis and Adjustment of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Wastewater Treatment Process, Yaohui Liu

Study of Synthesis of Biodegradable Plastics from Alkaline Fermented Excessive Activated Sludge, Yaohui Liu and Chua Hong

Study of Stormwater Retention and Reuse by Extensive Green Roof System, Yao‐hui Liu; King Wah Ngai; M. W. Mak; Kwok Leung Pun; and Wing-hong, Onyx Wai

An Orthogonal Study of Industrial Scale Colour Fading Process of Cotton Fabric, Yaohui Liu, Chester Kin-man To, Hiu-yan Cheung, Chi-wai Kan, and Chua Hong

Atmospheric pressure plasma‐induced decolorisation of cotton knitted fabric dyed with reactive dye, Yaohui Liu, Chester Kin-man To, Mei‐ki Ngai, Chi-wai Kan, and Chua Hong

Color Reflectance Study of Decolorized Reactive Dyed Cotton Knitted Fabric by Ozone Plasma Treatment, Yaohui Liu, Yanming Wang, Yan Sheung Lee, Cheng Hao Lee, Chi Wai Kan, Hong Chua, and Zhanhua Liu


Effects of beam-column depth ratio on seismic behaviour of non-seismic detailed reinforced concrete beam-column joints, Ying Liu, Ho-Fai Wong, Sung-Hei Luk, Ching-Kit Tong, and Hei Lam


Fragility curves for buildings in Hong Kong, Sung-Hei Luk and Ho-Fai Wong

Study on microwave sterilization technology of humidifier in central air conditioning system, Yang Lv, Guangyao Hu, Jingyi Liang, Xi Chen, Bin Chen, Tongke Zhao, Xiaoying Lu, Bin Wang, Wenjie Yuan, and Yimin Li

Trace elements and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in road gully sediments from different land uses, Hong Kong, K. L. Pun, Shuen Law, and Gang Li

Molecular dynamics simulation on LiCl-H2O interfacial phenomenon for liquid desiccant dehumidification, Xiaohui She, Yi Chen, Yuanhao Wang, Shifeng Wang, and Yimo Luo

Flexible integration of liquid air energy storage with liquefied natural gas regasification for power generation enhancement, Xiaohui She, Tongtong Zhang, Lin Cong, Xiaodong Peng, Chuan Li, Yimo Luo, and Yulong Ding

Generation and Reactivity of a One-electron Oxidized Manganese(V) Imido Complex bearing a Macrocyclic Tetraamido Ligand, Huatian Shi, Jianhui Xie Xie, William W. Y. Lam, Wai‐Lun Man, Chi‐Keung Mak, Shek‐Man Yiu, Hung Kay Lee, and Tai‐Chu Lau

Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of lignin for fuels and chemicals productions, Chi-Wing Tsang, Changhai Liang, Dickson Yuk Shing Yan, and Raymond Sze Wai Fu

Investigation of factors affecting the gaseous and particulate matter emissions from diesel vehicles, Bei Wang, Yik Sze Lau, Yuhan Huang, Bruce Organ, Shun Cheng Lee, and Kin Fai Ho

Recycling LiCoO2 with methanesulfonic acid for regeneration of lithium-ion battery electrode materials., Bin Wang, Xin-Ye Lin, Yuanyuan Tang, Qiang Wang, Michael K.H. Leung, and Xiao-Ying Lu


Synthesis of Sea Urchin-Like NiCo2O4 via Charge-Driven Self-Assembly Strategy for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries, Bin Wang, Chi-Wing Tsang, Ka Ho Li, Yuanyuan Tang, Yanping Mao, and Xiao-Ying Lu

Hydrothermal synthesis of mesoporous Co3O4 nanorods as high capacity anode materials for lithium ion batteries, Bin Wang, Shifeng Wang, Yuanyuan Tang, Yaxiong Ji, Wei Liu, and Xiao Ying Lu

Micro/nanostructured MnCo2O4.5 anodes with high reversible capacity and excellent rate capability for next generation lithium-ion batteries, Bin Wang, Shifeng Wang, Yuanyuan Tang, Chi-Wing Tsang, Jinchuan Dai, Michael K.H. Leung, and Xiao-Ying Lu

A comprehensive review of anaerobic digestion of organic solid wastes in relation to microbial community and enhancement process, Neng Xiong Wang, Xiao Ying Lu, Yiu Fai Tsang, Yanping Mao, Chi Wing Tsang, and Vivien Au Yueng

Effect of limited tension stiffening in RC elements under cyclic loads., Xueying Wang and Jun Shang Kuang

Effect of limited tension stiffening on behavior of reinforced concrete panels in shear., Xueying Wang and Jun Shang Kuang

A novel 3D simulation model for investigating liquid desiccant dehumidification performance based on CFD technology., Tao Wen, Yimo Luo, and Lu Lin

Thermal properties study and performance investigation of potassium formate solution in a falling film dehumidifier/regenerator., Tao Wen, Meng Wang, Yi Chen, Weifeng He, and Yimo Luo

Discussion on Seismic Performance of Non-Seismically Designed Structures, Ho-Fai Wong


Study of behavior of plastic modified bitumen by incorporating carbon black, Ho-Fai Wong, Hao-Jue Hong, Lai-Ming Leung, Tsz-Chun Fong, Yi-Fei Shen, and Tsz-Hin Lo


Effects of eccentricity on seismic behavior of non-seismically designed reinforced concrete beam-column joint, Ho-Fai Wong, Ying Liu, Sung-Hei Luk, Pok-Man Lee, and Wing-Hei Kwong

Year-round-based optimization of high-low control in the regenerative indirect evaporative cooler (RIEC), Huaxia Yan, Yi Chen, and Weilong Zhang

A review of renewable energy assessment methods in green building and green neighborhood rating systems, Chong Zhang, Chengliao Cui, Ying Zhang, Jiaqi Yuan, Yimo Luo, and Wenjie Gang

Study on the performance of distributed energy systems based on historical loads considering parameter uncertainties for decision making., Chong Zhang, Xue Xue, Qianzhou Du, Yimo Luo, and Wenjie Gang

Ni基納米催化劑對木質素模型化合物的轉化反應, 偉翔 關, 闖 李, 霄 陳, 志榮 曾, 曉瑩 呂, and 長海 梁

Submissions from 2018

Mechanism of Water Oxidation by Ferrate(VI) at pH 7 – 9., Gui Chen, William W. Y. Lam, Po‐Kam Lo, Wai‐Lun Man, Lingjing Chen, Kai‐Chung Lau, and Tai‐Chu Lau

Investigation on solar assisted liquid desiccant dehumidifier and evaporative cooling system for fresh air treatment., Yi Chen, Hongxing Yang, and Yimo Luo

Comparative study of on-off control and novel high- low control of regenerative indirect evaporative cooler (RIEC)., Yi Chen, Huaxia Yan, and Hongxing Yang

Inactivation of Escherichia coli using ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs), monochloramine (NH2CI) and the NH2CI/UV-LED process, Oriana Jovanovic, Ran Yin, Chii Shang, and Chao Wang


Revitalizing the moment distribution method: A fast and exact analysis of multibay, multi-story frames., Jackson Kong and Simon Ho Fai Wong

Chemical precipitation method for the synthesis of Nb2O5 modified bulk nickel catalysts with high specific surface area, Chuang Li; Shaohua Jin; Weixiang Guan; Chi Wing, Alex Tsang; Wing Kin Chu; Wai Kin, Elvis Lau; and Changhai Liang

A modified method of high molecular weight adsorbable organic chlorine measurement in saline water: dialysis pretreatment, Jiajian Liu, Li Ling, Yi Li, Chao Wang, and Chii Shang

Integrated cyto- and geno- toxicity caused by DBPs formed in seawater chlorination, Jiajian Liu, Li Ling, Chao Wang, and Chii Shang

Synthesis of PHAs using Carbon Source from Ferrous Activated Persulfate Oxidation combined with Alkaline Fermentation of Excessive Activated Sludge., Yaohui Liu and Hong Chua

Reduction of RuVI(N) to RuIII-NH3 by Cysteine in Aqueous Solution, Wang Qian, Wai-Lun Man, William W.Y. Lam, Shek-Man Yiu, Man-Kit Tse, and Tai-Chu Lau

Energy-efficient and -economic technologies for vapor compression refrigeration systems: a comprehensive review., Xiaohui She, Lin Cong, Binjian Nie, Guanghui Leng, Hao Peng, Yi Chen, Xiaosong Zhang, Tao Wen, Hongxing Yang, and Yimo Luo

Experimental study of a novel subcooling method based on liquid desiccant dehumidification for vapor-compression refrigeration systems., Xiaohui She, Yonggao Yin, Yimo Luo, Lindeman Brett, Dan Zhong, and Xiaosong Zhang


Gaseous Pollutants Emission from Diesel Vehicles in Hong Kong, Bei, Helen Wang; Yik Sze Lau; and Kin Fai Ho

Charge-driven self-assembly synthesis of straw-sheaf-like Co3O4 with superior cyclability and rate capability for lithium-ion batteries, Bin Wang; Xiao-Ying Lu; Chi Wing, Alex Tsang; Yuanhao Wang; Wai Kuen Au; Hongfan Guo; and Yuanyuan Tang

PPDA-mediated synthesis of uniform calliandra-like MnCo2O4.5 anodes with micro/nanostructures for advanced lithium-ion batteries, Bin Wang, Shifeng Wang, Chi-Wing Tsang, Jinchuan Dai, Yuanyuan Tang, and Xiao-Ying Lu

Correlations between structural changes of seawater organic matter and DBP formation in seawater chlorination, Chao Wang, Jiajian Liu, Li Ling, and Chii Shang

Four Hapten Spacer Sites Modulating Class Specificity: Nondirectional Multianalyte Immunoassay for 31 β-Agonists and Analogues., Lanteng Wang, Wenmeng Jiang, Xing Shen, Xiangmei Li, Xin-an Huang, Zhenlin Xu, Yuanming Sun, Shun-wan Chan, Lingwen Zeng, Eremin Sergei Alexandrovich, and Hongtao Lei

Reduction of RuVIºN to RuIII-NH3 by Cysteine in Aqueous Solution, Qian Wang, Wai-Lun Man, William W. Y. Lam, Shek-Man Yiu, Man-Kit Tse, and Tai‐Chu Lau

Effect of tension stiffening in reinforced concrete panels subjected to shear., Xueying Wang and Jun Shang Kuang

Predicting shear performance of squat shear walls: a softened truss model with tension-stiffening effect., Xueying Wang and Jun Shang Kuang

Development and experimental study of a novel plate dehumidifier made of anodized aluminum., Tao Wen, Lin Lu, Chuanshuai Dong, and Yimo Luo