Submissions from 2020

Belt and Road Initiative : Collaboration for Success, Man Hin Eve Chan and Angappa Gunasekaran

Exploring the effects of sustainability-themed branding initiatives on Gen-Z Diners' willingness to patronize, Lam K Kwok, Emmy Kit Yin Wong, and M. K. M. Wong


Plant Diversity and Plant Performance of Indoor and Outdoor Vertical Greening Systems in Hong Kong, Man Yee, Caroline Law; S. M. Li; and C. Y. Lam

Submissions from 2019

The Belt and Road Initiative's impact on textile and clothing supply chains in Asia: views from Hong Kong industrial stakeholders, Eve Man Hin Chan, Danny Chi Kuen Ho, Tsz Leung Yip, Jenny Cheung, and Angappa Gunasekara


Improving the Energy Efficiency of Petrochemical Plant Operations: A Measurement and Verification Case Study Using a Balanced Wave Optimizer, Man Hin Eve Chan, Kar-Kit Chu, Hin-Fung Chow, Chi-Wing Tsang, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, and Shuk-Kei Ho

Predicting Asia’s Clothing Trade with USA within the Belt and Road Initiative Using Neural Network, Man Hin Eve Chan, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, Jenny Cheung, and C. Patal

An Extended Gravity Model Analysis of Hong Kong’s Clothing Trade: Implications for Managing Global Supply Chains Under The “Belt and Road” Initiative, Man Hin Eve Chan, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, Angappa Gunasekaran, and Tsz Leung Yip


The Belt and Road Initiative's impact on Textile and Clothing Supply Chains in Asia: Views from Hong Kong Industrial Stakeholders, Man Hin Eve Chan, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, Tsz Leung Yip, Jenny Cheung, and Angappa Gunasekaran

Evaluating the impact of the Belt and road initiative for textile and clothing companies in Asia, Man Hin Eve Chan, Chi Kuen Danny Ho, Tsz Leung Yip, Jenny Cheung, and Angappa Gunasekarand

Reflective thinking (Donald Schon): professionals in general and designer in design process and design education teaching, Benson Pun Sin Cheung


Looking back to look forward: setting future research agenda for international business in textiles and clothing industry, Wai Ching Alice Chu, Man Hin Eve Chan, Jenny Cheung, and Hong-Oanh Nguyen

Enabling sustainable built heritage revitalisation from a socio-technicalperspective: a case study, Daniel Chi Wing Ho and Huiying Hou

活現築蹟 -- 工廈 活化 新生 Sustainable Revitalization: Adaptive Reuse of Industrial Building, Tris Kee

Co-designing mobile collection points with older persons to promote green attitudes and practices in Hong Kong, Alex Pui-yuk King

Participatory design with older adults: exploring the latent needs of young-old and middle-old in daily living using a universal design approach, Alex Pui-yuk King

Spatial differentiation of heritage trees in the rapidly-urbanizing city of Shenzhen, China, Po Ying Lai, CY Jim, Guang Da Tang, Wen Jun Hong, and Hao Zhang

In-class competition-based assessment for effective learning, Kelvin Ki Lam and May Mei King Yang

Measuring high-rise building stock: survival and redevelopment, the case of Hong Kong, Elvis Wai Kin Lau and Yung Yau

Tree density and diversity in Hong Kong’s public housing estates: From provision injustice to socio-ecological inclusiveness., Louis Shing Him Lee, C.Y. Jim, and Allen Hao Zhang

An integrated approach for the benchmarking of production facilities’ environmental performance: data envelopment analysis and life cycle assessment, C. Y. Ng, K. B. Chuah, and Alex Pui Yuk King

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) in the sustainable built environment –from a tertiary education perspective in Hong Kong, Lawrence Tsz Chun Tse

Air purification by urban park trees in Hong Kong, Sifeng Wang, L.M. Chu, and Hao Zhang

Tree distribution, morphology and modelled air pollution in urban parks, Yang Xing, Peter Brimblecombe, Sifeng Wang, and Allen Hao Zhang

Species diversity and spatial pattern of old and precious trees in Macau, Allen Hao Zhang, Po Ying Lai, and Chi Yung Jim

Tree composition and structure in relation to urban park history and land-use in Hong Kong, China, Hao Zhang

Submissions from 2018

How Can Design Competitions Enhance Students' Learning Motivation and Professionalism? A Case Study of Fashion Design Undergraduates in Hong Kong, Eve Man Hin Chan, Jenny Ling Cheung, Y.Y. Chan, and Danny Chi Kuen Ho

Exploratory research evidence of challenges and opportunities perceived by textiles & clothing companies in one belt one road countries, Eve Man Hin Chan, Alice Wai Ching Chu, Angappa Gunasekaran, Tsz Leung Yip, and Jenny Cheung


What are the opportunities for manufacturing in the “one belt one road” initiative? The case of Hong Kong’s textiles and clothing sector, Eve Man Hin Chan, Alice Wai Ching Chu, Yui-yip Lau, Danny Chi Kuen Ho, and Hong O. Nguyen


What Opportunities from the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative for Manufacturing? The Case of Hong Kong's Textiles and Clothing Sectors, M. H. E. Chan, W. C. A. Chu, Y. Y. Lau, C. K. D. Ho, and H. O. Nguyen

Transforming 'Graduate Students' into 'Competent Designers', Benson Pun Sin Cheung

Anticipating uncertainties and navigating change: a case study of design students directing strategic planning of a simulated corporation, Sonny Yip Hong Choy

Design at the forefront of a knowledge economy: creativity, courage and grit, Sonny Yip Hong Choy

Technology, materials and trends. resources for eyewear making, Sonny Yip Hong Choy


A Review of the Determinants of Textile and Clothing Bilateral Trade Flow, W. C. A. Chu, M. H. E. Chan, and J. Cheung

A New Design Education Paradigm: A Multi-disciplinary Research Approach, Tris Kee

Design Innovation and Sustainable Environment, Tris Kee

Inter-disciplinary "Research+Business" Collaboration as a New Design Practice, Tris Kee


Sustainable adaptive reuse – economic impact of cultural heritage, Tris Kee

Sustainable Place-Making in Hong Kong: Transforming Urban Crisis to Urban Renewal Opportunities, Tris Kee

Sustainable Universal Design in Public Housing for Globally Aging Population, Tris Kee


Impact of Sustainable Product Design on Elderly Ergonomics, Tris Kee and Alex King

Feasibility study of gamification in primary school curriculum Design in Hong Kong, Raptor Yick Kan Kwok

Using sentiment analysis to understand readers' preferences, Raptor Yick Kan Kwok

Neighborhood variation of sustainable urban morphological characteristics, P. C. Lai, Sissi Si Chen, C. T. Low, Ester Cerin, Robert Stimson, and PY Paulina Wong

Discovering high-rise buildings’ “Achilles heel”: a review and evaluation of Urban Renewal Authority’s redevelopment projects, Elvis Wai Kin Lau and Yum Wing Yau

Quality of life in a “High-rise Lawless Slum”: a study of the Kowloon Walled City, Prudencea Leung Kwok Lau, Lawrenceb Wai Chung Lai, and Daniel Chi Wing Ho

Occurrence of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance genes in soils from wastewater irrigation areas in the Pearl River Delta region, southern China, Livia Min Pan and L.M. Chu


Academic research in vocationally-oriented highereducation: perspectives from teaching staff, Emmy Kit Yin Wong and Svetlana Chigaeva-Heddad

Building Materials and Technology in Hong Kong, 香港建築技術及應用, Wah Sang Wong; Wing Yan, Alice Chan; Chui Chi, Rosman Wai; and Tris Kee

Enhancing advertising student performance with competition-based learning, May Mei King Yang

Big data approach as an institutional innovation to tackle Hong Kong’s illegal subdivided unit problem, Yung Yau and Elvis Wai Kin Lau

Submissions from 2017

The impact on the growth of China clothing exports towards Asian developing countries, Man Hin, Eve Chan; Wai Ching, Alice Chu; Chi Kuen Danny Ho; and Yui Yip Lau

How can Hong Kong help to develop the professional supply chain service of textiles and clothing industries under the "One belt one road" initiative?, Man Hin, Eve Chan; Yui Yip Joseph Lau; Wai Ching, Alice Chu; and Chi Kuen Danny Ho

Professional graphic design knowledge in Hong Kong: from graduate to professional, Benson Pun Sin Cheung

Starting with a hunch. learning journeys of design students toward relevant design solutions. how teaching staff support and scaffold student learning in capstone projects, Sonny Yip Hong Choy

A retail gravity model for selecting the optimal store location, Wai Ching, Alice Chu and Man Hin, Eve Chan

Redeveloping game set for living alone elderly with dementia using participatory action research approach in Hong Kong, Alex Pui-yuk King and Michael Kin Wai Siu

Encouraging deep learning through collaborative projects and public exhibition, Lee Kwok Lang


Age composition and survival of public housing stock in Hong Kong, Wai Kin Lau; Kei Man Kelvin Ho; Terence Yat Ming Lam; Tony Ma; Hon Chuen Ken Chan; and Chi Wing, Alex Tsang

Assessing the displacement effect of exports with gravity trade model: China's textile and clothing case and OBOR implications, Yui Yip Lau; Man Hin, Eve Chan; and Hong Oanh Nguyen


辦公室植物可以減低污染物嗎?, Man Yee, Caroline Law

Office rents, mixed-use developments, and agglomeration economies: a panel data analysis, Ervi Liusman, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, Hiu Ching Lo, and Daniel Yet Fhang Lo

Transfer of antibiotics from wastewater or animal manure to soil and edible crops., Livia Min Pan and L.M. Chu

Biometeorological modelling and forecasting of monthly ambulance demand for Hong Kong, H. T. Wong, P. C. Lai, and Sissi Si Chen

Evaluation of property management agent performance : a novel empirical model, Yung Yau and Daniel Chi Wing Ho

Exploring policy options to combat illegal micro-apartments in Hong Kong, Yung Yau and Daniel Chi Wing Ho

Innovation and user behavior for enhancement in bike sharing programme., Henry Chung Yin Yu and Paul Lo Chi Hang

Submissions from 2016

Desire for experiential travel, avoidance of rituality and social esteem: An empirical study of consumer response to tourism innovation, Winnie Wing Yin Chan, Chester K.M. To, and Alice Wai Ching Chu

Sharing the road? Tensions between drivers and cyclists in Hong Kong, Anthony Chi Lek Chow and Eddy Hui

Agents of change, Sonny Yip Hong Choy

Agents of change, Sonny Yip Hong Choy

Explaining the outcomes of multi-owned housing management: a collective action perspective, Lisa Wei Gao and Daniel Chi Wing Ho

Measuring the performance of property management companies in highrise flats, Daniel Chi Wing Ho and Ervi Liusman

Measuring the performance of property management companies in high-rise flats, Daniel C.W. Ho and Ervi Liusman

Tight Budget constraints and the absence of strategic planning – an exploratory analysis of FM service outsourcing, Cynthia Huiying Hou, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, Jacky C.H. Chung, and Kelwin K.W. Wong

Tight budget constraints and the absence of strategic planning: an exploratory analysis of FM service outsourcing, Huiying Hou, Daniel C.W. Ho, Jacky K.H. Chung, and Kelwin K.W. Wong

An emerging community-engaged paradigm in architectural and design education, Tris Kee

Sustainable Place-Making Strategies in Hong Kong, Tris Kee


What is the impetus to move? amenity-rich residential clubs and retirement housing aspirations of the soon-to-be old, Tris Kee

Farms are not zoos: a post-colonial study on enclosure and conservation of military heritage buildings in Hong Kong, Lawrence W.C. Lai and Daniel Chi Wing Ho

Repeated planning applications by developers under statutory zoning: a Hong Kong case study of delays and design improvements in private residential development, Lawrence W.C. Lai, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, K.W. Chau, and Mark H. Chua

The aesthetic experience of product design: a case study of the consumption of earphones in Hong Kong, Magnum Man Lok LAM; Wing Sun Liu; and Yee Nee, Elita Lam

Assessing the disability inclusiveness of university buildings in Hong Kong, Elvis Wai Kin Lau, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, and Yung Yau

Categorization of Hong Kong modern males with regard to predictors of menswear design preferences in terms of physical and socio-psychological dimensions, Travis Wang Hei Li, Joe S. Au, and Raymond W. Au

Analysis of the construction waste management performance in Hong Kong: the public and private sectors compared using big data, Weisheng Lu, Xi Chen, Daniel Chi Wing Ho, and Hongdi Wang

Analysis on dynamic development of landscape fragmentation for urban forest in fast-urbanization regions, YuanZhi Yang, DongDong Xue, Allen Hao Zhang, ZhengChun Xu, and GuangDa Tang

Prediction of the root anchorage of native young plants using Bayesian inference, Ryan Wai Man Yan, Lin Zhang, Flora T. Y. Leung, and Ka-Veng Yuen

Distribution patterns of heritage trees in a rapid urbanization city: a case study of Shenzhen, south China, Allen Hao Zhang

New degree programme Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Horticulture and Landscape Management in Hong Kong, Allen Hao Zhang and Leslie Hung Chi Chen

Submissions from 2015


Establishing a framework for the recognition of local arboricultural practitioners, Paul Yuen King Chan

The bamboo metaphor: education in the age of innovation, Paul Yuen King Chan

Materialistic consumers who seek unique products: How does their need for status and their affective response facilitate the repurchase intention of luxury goods?”, Winnie Wing Yin Chan, Chester K.M. To, and Alice Wai Ching Chu

Building and gardening practices in eighteenth-century Yangzhou: the view from Li Dou's the pleasure boats of Yangzhou (Yangzhou huafang lu, 1795), Winnie Yuen Lai Chan

Nineteenth-century Canton gardens and the east-west plant trade, Winnie Yuen Lai Chan

Review: The homecoming of the moon capital: landscape symbols and representations in the tale of Princess Kaguya, Winnie Yuen Lai Chan

The symbolism of plants in the context of Hong Kong, Yin Lun Chan

Three littlepPigs in a Sandwich: towards characteristics of a Sandwiched 5 storytelling-based Tangible System for Chinese Primary School English, Todd Cochrane, Hongwei Pan, and Eddy Hui

Measuring building performance for sustainable built heritage, surveying and built environment, Daniel C.W. Ho, Janet X. Ge, and Ervi Liusman

Rapport and its managerial implications in FM service outsourcing relationships, Hui Ying Hou and Daniel C.W. Ho

Effect of habitat traits on tree structure and growth in private gardens, C.Y. Jim and Allen Hao Zhang