A study of the parallel passages of Hanshi waizhuan 韓詩外傳 found in Alfred Forke's translation of Lunheng 論衡

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Alfred Forke was the first scholar who translated the Wang Chong’s 王充 Lunheng 論衡 into English. His work was published in 1907, prior to the first detailed and complete Chinese commentary the Lunheng Jiaoshi 論衡校釋 by Huang Hui 黃暉 published in 1938. Therefore, Alfred Forke was lack of annotations and emendations for his translation work. Parallel passages are essential for emendation and exegesis of Chinese ancient texts. To translate ancient texts like Lunheng or other excavated texts without commentary, parallel passages played an important role. Parallel passages play the contemporary commentaries role of the ancient texts. This can assist the translator to capture the context. Alfred Forke realised this when making the translation. He listed nineteen books quoted by Lunheng. But Lunheng did not mention Hanshi Waizhuan 韓詩外傳 explicitly, Alfred Forke did not always refer to Hanshi Waizhuan when he translate Lunheng. This paper is a study of parallel passages of Hanshi Waizhuan found in Lunheng. The translations by Alfred Forke will be reviewed. In addition, the appropriate methods to translate and research Chinese ancient texts is introduced.

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The First Asian Conference on Asian Studies, 2011 March 23-25, Osaka, Japan. Proceedings



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