Heritage, fashion and design

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Heritage is becoming popular in industries such as tourism, restaurants, and arts. Fashion designers, brands and marketers try to build up their identities and images by showcasing the unique cultural elements they affiliated to. Cultural heritage, in this sense, becomes a commodity in the market. This proposed research seeks to examine how designers in particular, construct the meaning of cultural heritage through different commoditization practices as well as how these identity markers create value for the possessors. We also aim to explore the politics in this cultural re-construction practice. This study aims to examine how designers and brands integrate cultural heritage in creating new identities in the market. To examine how fashion designers and brands integrate cultural heritage in their designs and brand images; to identify what cultural symbols were adopted and re-produced in the fashion industry.

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PopCAANZ 6th Annual International Conference, 2015 Jun 29 - Jul 1, Wellington, New Zealand

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