Submissions from 2015

60天減50磅, Sai Sum, Sam Li

尋找隱世景點, Ka Wing, Dennis Wong

Submissions from 2013

Effect of streaming on students' achievement in vocational training of pharmaceutical technology, Man Kit Christopher Leung and Ho Leung Au

Submissions from 2012

可持续志愿主义: 香港志愿者的分析, Chor Heung Joanna Cheung (張楚香)

Submissions from 2011

What are the effects of perceived organizational support, perceived supervisor support and emotional labor on tour guides' role performance? A conceptual model for empirical research, Yin Chu, Florence Yim

Submissions from 2010

Parental influence towards commitment to sports training among athletes with physical disabilities of the Inaugural FESPIC Games, Wing Yin Lui, Michael H.S. Lam, and Leslie S. Kam

Submissions from 2009

Workers' education in Hong Kong: educational duties of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions: past, present and future, Man Kit Christopher Leung

Fighting tobacco smoking: a difficult but not impossible battle, Man Kit Christopher Leung, Alexander K.C. Leung, Kam Lun Ellis Hon, and Albert Yim Fai Kong