Simultaneous Recycling of Plastic Waste and Discarded EV Batteries via Co-hydrothermal for Energy Storage

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Journal Article

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Polyvinyl chloride(PVC), heavy metals, co-hydrothermal


In recent years, with the continuous increase in the consumption industry of electric vehicles, the demand for Li-ion batteries has continued to rise. Due to the large amount of non-renewable heavy metals (Li, Ni, Co and Mn) contained in EVs, how to recycle and reuse Li-ion batteries has become the focus of attention. At the same time, PVC is also widely used in daily life, and its traditional treatment method will produce toxic gas, which is extremely harmful to the environment. For environmental sustainable development, in this study, we innovatively use waste PVC and EV battery cohydrothermal treatment to simultaneously recycle heavy metals and PVC. Through experiments, it is found that the leaching rate of metal elements by co-hydrothermal method is as high as 90% or more.

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10th International Conference on Sustainable Development Rome, Italy, 7-8 September 2022

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