Laboratory tests on evaluating the performance of road base materials using medium percentage of RAP

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Reclaimed asphalt pavement, RAP, Recycling agent, Performance analysis, Road base mixtures


In order to investigate the performance of road base mixtures with high percentage of RAP, a systematic laboratory study was carried out. Road base mixtures with three RAP contents (0%, 30% and 50%), two RAP sources (road base and polymer modified friction course) and a recycling agent were designed. A series of performance tests were conducted, which took into account of the effects of temperature and aging on stiffness, fatigue resistance, water resistance and permanent deformation resistance ability. The results indicated that recycling agent could restore the stiffness and fatigue resistance of RAP mixture, while the rejuvenated RAP mixtures could maintain a higher water resistance and permanent deformation resistance ability. Mixtures incorporated with RAP could lead to a higher capacity in spreading traffic loading due to the increasing of stiffness. The water resistance and permanent deformation resistance ability enhanced with increasing RAP content. However, the fatigue resistance reduced with increasing of RAP content. Mixture incorporating 30% content of RAP without recycling agent may perform better than that of virgin mixtures except a minor loss in fatigue resistance for the long run. The study would hopefully provide some insights into the application of high percentage of RAP in road base materials for sustainable pavement construction.

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Proceedings of the international Congress on Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Osaka, Japan.

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