Sustainable biomass conversion: synthesis of Ni-Nb nanocatalysts for conversion of lignin model compounds

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To deal with the fossil fuel shortage, biomass technology with catalytic conversion of lignocellulosic waste has received increasing attention. Bimetallic Ni-Nb oxides are widely studied as efficient catalysts for various biomass utilization, due to the surface interaction between NiO active phase and amorphous Nb2O5 phase.1 However, their applications for hydroconversion of biofuels remained less explored. To improve their catalytic properties, a series of NixNb1-xO nanoparticles with modulated elemental compositions and surface areas have been prepared by chemical precipitation.2 SEM, XRD, and XPS study of these nanoparticles revealed their divergent crystalline morphologies, with the maximum surface area of 173 m2/g. In addition, these Nb2O5 modified Ni catalysts showed excellent hydrodeoxygenation selectivity for lignin model compounds, which could be applied in various waste recycling for sustainable resources recovery and waste reduction.

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ACS Symposium on Energy Materials

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