Applying augmented reality technology to book publication business

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Augmented Reality is an emerging technology and the applications of technology are still not fully unveiled. This paper explores a new application of augmented reality for a new direction in educational book publishing, which aims to bring interactive learning experience to life. The project takes printed images on book to the next level by applying Augmented Reality technology to provide a unique fascinating experience to its readers on mobile devices. Augmented Reality (AR) technology composing with animation brings new digital entertainment experience to the reader of books. The key feature of this paper uses the technology presents auxiliary information in the field of view of an object printed on book automatically without human intervention. The project uses the technology with iPad mobile device to display 3D models, 3D animations, video splaying, websites and web server connectivity for children education. The results and evaluation of the project shows the interactive 3D animation and self-assessment functions significantly support students to improve their learning experience and performance. The software product of this project, from the business perspective, creates a new business marketing dimension in digital publishing and increases the selling profits in the book publication business.

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The 12th IEEE International Conference on E-Business Engineering (ICEBE2015), 2015 Oct 23-25, Tsinghua, Beijing, China

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