Ubiquitous bluetooth mobile based remote controller for home entertainment centre

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Home entertainment centre, Ubiquitous computing, Mobile programming, Bluetooth technology




This paper describes the use of a mobile Android phone in an experimental way to develop a remote controller for multi-player games which are installed and resided in a Home Entertainment Centre in a ubiquitous computing environment. The Home Entertainment Center could be a Smart TV and the Android mobile is programmed to be a remote control device which is used to send sockets via Bluetooth network to Java based Bluetooth server embedded in a Smart TV to control the movements of the game characters playing in the Smart TV with multimedia effects in all directions and actions, such as shootings, in games along its game play. Our investigation focuses on an extended form of ubiquitous computing which game software developers utilize to develop a game remote controller on mobile phone for multi-players. We call this study an experimental ubiquitous computing application in which the Bluetooth embedded in the Home Entertainment Centre which can be discoverable and paired with, the clients, remote mobile devices and instantaneously send the game data via Bluetooth piconnet to the paired remote mobile devices. Currently, mobile computing feeds data information into the game server. However, designing real-time ubiquitous mobile remote controller with Home Entertainment Centre is still a daunting task and much theoretical and practical research remains to be done to reach the ubiquitous computing era. In this paper, we applied the open-source Android Bluetooth and the Java-Based technology in developing a Bluetooth server multi-player mobile game in distributed ubiquitous computing, which strongly focuses on the emergence of technologies that embrace android mobile and Bluetooth latest technology.

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The 7th International Conference on Computer Science and its Applications, CSA 2015, Dec 15-17, Cebu, Philippines. Proceedings, Advances in Computer Science and Ubiquitous Computing, vol. 373

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