The present status of environmental pollution by pharmaceuticals and personal care products

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PPCPs, Antibiotics, Estrogen, Analgesics, Disinfectant


During the last five years, the environmental pollution caused by pharmaceuticals and personal care products(PPCPs)has become a new concern in many countries. Many reports showed that the common-used PPCPs in human daily life such as artificial musk compounds, X-ray contrast media, antibiotics, estrogens, analgesics and disinfectants have been detected in various environ-mental samples. The concentrations of PPCPs in environment were very low and usually ranged from ng/L level to μg/L level. Fer-tilization by dejection and wastewater discharge are the main ways that PPCPs enter the environment. Among the common-used PPCPs, antibiotics and analgesics were usually detected in the environment; and PPCPs were detected more frequently in surface water than in groundwater, drinking water, sludge and soils. Now, the researches on PPCPs mainly focus on analytical methods and pollution level of PPCPs. The fate of PPCPs in the environment, ecology and health risks and pollution control technology of PPCPs should also be investigated.

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生態環境 Ecology and Environmental Sciences

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