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Employee uniform, uniform satisfaction, hotel, housekeeping department, Hong Kong, China



Purpose – The aim of this study is to advance the understanding of Hong Kong’s housekeeping culture by examining how employee uniforms and the image they project influence job satisfaction amongst the housekeeping department employees of a luxury five-star Hotel in Hong Kong, China. Design – Using a purposive sampling method, ten semi-structured interviews were conducted with the housekeeping staff of a luxury five-star Hotel in Hong Kong. Content analysis was conducted to identify data patterns. Findings – Findings categorized four determinants of uniform influencing job satisfaction: fit to wearer, appropriate materials, color and design, and hotel brand image. The findings confirm that staff uniforms play an important role in demonstrating the hotel’s brand identity, improving job satisfaction, operational efficiency, and staff-management relationships. Apart from the aesthetic design, management should put operational practicality and functionality into account by getting employees to participate when launching and implementing any change initiatives on staff uniforms. Communication and mutual understanding between management and employees are imperative in understanding each other’s concerns. Originality of the research – Using a qualitative approach, the results offered an empirical basis to guide hotel management and administrators in making decisions about uniforms.

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Tourism and Hospitality Management

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