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survey, exercise selection, physical development, programming, physical testing, technology



Weldon, A, Duncan, MJ, Turner, A, LaPlaca, D, Sampaio, J, and Christie, CJ. Practices of strength and conditioning coaches: a snapshot from different sports, countries, and expertise levels. J Strength Cond Res 36(5): 1335-1344, 2022-This study describes the practices of strength and conditioning coaches (SCCs) from different sports, countries, and expertise levels. One hundred fifty-six SCCs (31.9 ± 8.9 years old) completed an online survey, consisting of 40 questions (36 fixed response and 4 open-ended), with 8 sections as follows: (a) background information, (b) muscular strength and power development, (c) speed development, (d) plyometrics, (e) flexibility development, (f) physical testing, (g) technology use, and (h) programming and any additional comments. Responses were received from 48 sports and 17 countries. This study provides exploratory evidence incorporating responses primarily in soccer (45%), track and field (30%), volleyball (23%), golf (17%), and tennis (17%). A bachelor's degree or higher were held by 99% of SCCs, of which 94% were in a sports science-related field, and 71% held a strength and conditioning related certification or accreditation. Periodization strategies and physical testing were used by 96% and 94% of SCCs respectively. The hang clean (82%), power clean (76%), and clean high pull (63%) were the most prescribed Olympic weightlifting exercises. Multiple hops/lunges (84%) were the most prescribed plyometrics exercises. For open-ended questions, 40% of SCCs wanted to integrate more technology into their programs and 30% believed technology will be the main future trend. Strength and conditioning coaches from different sports, countries, and expertise levels can use the information presented in this study to review their current practices and provide a source of new ideas for diversifying or modifying future practices.

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Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research