Perception of career development of hotel managers in Hong Kong: a qualitative approach

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Hotel Managers, Career Perceptions, Career Development, New Joiners, Qualitative Research, Hong Kong


The hotel industry of Hong Kong has been prosperous since the last decade, which is attributed to the increasing number of high spending travellers and new emerging markets. Despite the business opportunity, it has been revealed by senior managers and executives from hotels that they are striving to tackle the shortage of labour at every level, in particular the elementary level. The potential workforce is less inclined towards working in the hotel industry because of its characteristics such as shift duties, long working hours and unattractive salary package. To maintain the successful business of hotels and to give insights in the career development of hotel workers, this paper aims to explore hotel managers’ perceptions towards career development, and their suggestions for new recruits to the hotel industry in Hong Kong. Qualitative research in the form of in-depth interviews with 12 hotel managers in different departments was carried out, and the data was analyzed using thematic analysis. Six major themes were discovered that could assist in developing a person’s career in the hospitality industry. These are positive working attitudes, relevant overseas exposure, proficiency in hospitality languages, diversified job hunting approaches, tailored staff training programmes, and work experience in larger group/chained hotels. The new joiners to hotel industry as well as existing employees in different levels can make use of the suggestions to attain career advancement. In addition, this research is targeted at the decision makers and senior management to review their policies and directions to acquire, develop, and retain talented employees of hotel industry.

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15th ApacCHRIE Conference

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