There is a destiny for all: a common belief among Muslim youths in Hong Kong

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This paper discusses the religious experience and self identity of Muslim youths in Hong Kong. It provides a window to the unique development of the life trajectories of these youths. Together with their fellow students, 12 Muslim youths participated in two self-assessed surveys of (1) their life satisfaction using the Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale (MSLSS) and (2) their spiritual health using the Spiritual Health and Life Orientation Measure (SHALOM). Individual interviews were also conducted to unfold the way in which personal characteristics (age and religious background) and social variables (income and social networks) affect their stress coping, life satisfaction and global well-being. The data showed, as Muslims, these youths believe there is a common destiny in life. Whilst ethnically they are South Asians, their self appraisal of educational experiences and life satisfaction are unique and, to some extent, closely related with their family background and personal life experiences. Implications of the findings for public policy and education provision are discussed.

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Congresso Internacional Envolvimento dos Alunos na Escola (CIEAE), Portugal: Lisboa

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