Grasping with both hands: bilingual academic literacies in two discourse communities

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This study focuses on scholarly publishing practices of bilingual Chinese scholars in an emerging academic field of teaching and learning Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL). With the global popularity of Chinese language education, scholarly publications on the CFL education have proliferated in dual academic discourse communities, which were constructed by Chinese-medium and English-medium journals. Situated in the theoretical framework of academic literacies research and community of practices, the study explores the publishing experiences of three bilingual CFL scholars who participate actively in both Chinese and English academic discourse communities. The study found sociolinguistic, institutional and personal factors that could have influenced bilingual scholars’ linguistic choices as well as their strategies to develop writing and publishing practices. The study is informative in that it has an explicit goal to understand the challenges and strategies for language teachers to build and maintain their bilingual academic literacies. Suggestions will be given to curriculum designers for better improving second language teachers’ academic literacy as a means to empower teaching professionals in research activities.

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The 2nd Conference on Writing Education across Boarders, Guangdong Foreign Studies University, Guangzhou

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