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Journal Article

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electrospinning; regenerating fibers; bioprocessing; cellulose; textile wastes

DOI su151511638


The fashion and textile industry in its current fast-rising business model has generated a huge amount of textile waste during and after the production process. The environmental impact of this waste is well documented as it poses serious threats to lives on earth. To confront the menace of this huge pollution problem, a number of research works were carried out to examine the possible reutilization of these waste materials without further damaging the environment; for instance, reusing, generating valuable products, or regenerating fibrous materials to form a closed loop in the cotton textile waste lifecycle. This review covers different methodologies to transform cellulosic textile materials into various products with added value, such as cellulosic glucose, cellulase, etc., and finally, to regenerate the fibrous materials for re-application in textiles and fashion. This article presents an overall picture to researchers outlining the possible value addition of textile waste materials. Furthermore, the regeneration of cellulosic fibrous materials from textile waste will be brought into the limelight.

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Sustainability 2023

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