Helping students develop statistical reasoning through Seeing Statistics

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Students generally focus only on the mechanics of statistical calculations and graphing. They know how to carry out statistical calculations, draw statistical graphs and charts, and use computer software to produce statistical results, but they are unable to express their statistical works as well as interpretation of the statistical findings. To accomplish these tasks, students need to acquire the ability of reasoning with data and statistical ideas. However, the traditional classroom teaching can hardly help them grasp the essentials of statistical concepts. It is believed that more concrete statistical concepts can be vividly illustrated via computer technology. In this paper, the author discusses how computer technology, for example Seeing Statistics(tm), can be employed to elaborate on statistical concepts, promote interactive instruction, and make e-learning more interesting and meaningful.

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Australian Society for Educational Technology/Higher Education Research and Development Society of AustralAsia Joint International Conference, 2000 Jul 2-5, Toowoomba

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