Frequency Island and Nonlinear Vibrating Systems

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Conference Proceeding

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Piecewise linear system, Vibration isolator, Frequency response


Piecewise linear vibration isolator system is one of the development to introduce dual rate stiffness and damping. There are several vibrating behavior if the system is designed properly. Analytical treatment of the system determines some difficulties such as jump. This investigation indicates that such strong non-linear systems have a new phenomenon called Frequency Island in their fre-quency Response plot. Frequency Island is a possible isolated frequency Response that the vibrating system may jump into the island and stays there until the exci-tation frequency moves out of the range of the island. In this student existence, appearance, growing and disappearing of frequency is-land will be studied and examined. Frequency Island corresponds to large am-plitude vibration for certain range of system parameters and considered as a dan-gerous phenomena in real system. As a result, understanding its appearance will help designers and engineers to design the system to avoid Frequency Island.

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Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services: Proceedings of 2018

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