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3D, Stereoscopic video, PSNR, QoE, Subjective video assessment


The use of 3D stereoscopic technology with high quality videos can provide visual entertainment to viewers. However, the bandwidth of typical communication channels cannot transmit uncompressed 3D videos, resulting in the need for video quality compression. This paper presents a series of preliminary studies to investigate the subjective perception of uncompressed and compressed video sequences, and proposes the ‘hybrid’ sequencing of uncompressed and compressed content in a single stereoscopic 3D video as an alternative approach for limited bandwidth transmission. However, the hybrid uncompressed/compressed sequencing of stereoscopic 3D video may affect the correlation between the left and right views of the stereoscopic videos required for depth perception, potentially leading to lower Quality of Experience (QoE) of viewers. This paper therefore investigates both the objective and subjective quality evaluation of the proposed hybrid sequencing of stereoscopic video sequences. Initial investigations into objective metrics to measure the difference in quality of the two stereoscopic views due to the proposed hybrid sequencing of uncompressed and compressed videos were also conducted.

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The International Conference on Electrical Engineering 2016