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Electrical Power System, Wireless Sensor Network, Security, Energy Efficient


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) gather information for electrical power systems and help to manage demand Response and demand side strategies. Optimization of WSNs depends on their physical deployment, and it will bring to the fore a very focused number of parameters to be optimized. Selforganization of WSNs is an important issue to be considered, and it requires the nodes to form a network by collaboration with each other without using manual intervention. Moreover, the WSNs implemented in electrical power systems should be secured and energy efficient in order to provide highly reliable data for monitoring and control.

In this paper, we will propose Self-Organization WSNs with Security and Energy-efficient Clustering algorithms (SOSEC) including cluster formation, data encryption keys establishment and management, and an energy efficient routing protocol. SOSEC can optimize the energy efficiency of the whole network and ensure a secured channel for data transmissions in WSNs for electrical power systems.

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The International Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 2015