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Wireless Sensor Network, Energy Efficient, Clustering, Routing Algorithm


Energy efficiency is the most challenging topic in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Because of the increasing demands of various applications, and the constraints of energy, memory and computational power of the WSN nodes, many studies have focused on these areas in recent years. Researchers have proposed a variety of protocols such as LEACH, PEGASIS, HEED, TEEN, etc.

In this paper, we will discuss how energy efficiency is affected by scaling, i.e. different network sizes, and by different routing algorithms. With the increasing applications of large scale WSNs, such as smart grid and environmental monitoring. We will propose a new routing algorithm to optimize the energy efficiency by reducing the number and total transmissions distance in order to save energy. Simulations suggest that the proposed algorithm will be more energy efficient in medium to large scale wireless sensor networks.

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TENCON 2015-2015 IEEE Region 10 Conference

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