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Building services engineering, Game-basedlearning, Gamification, Vocational/professionaleducation and training, BIM


The application of digital games and gamification mechanics to non-gaming contexts have emerged as one of the prime subject interest in different sectors, such as education, marketing, health, technology design, etc. in recent years. Game-Based Learning approach in higher education has drawn teaching academics increased attention. Many believe that the game play approach could offer many benefits including, socialization, engagement, and problem solving to the millennial students. In engineering education at undergraduate level, new methodologies and tools are being developed using game dynamics to present scientific evidence in many different engineering disciplines, e.g. mechanical engineering, civil engineering, manufacturing etc. In this paper, a literature review relevant to gamification and game-based learning approach in higher education for engineering is conducted. A discussion on some of the examples regarding engineering education is given. Game techniques, gamification practices applying to building services engineering training are critically evaluated.

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The 10th International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education

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