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Quantity surveying, Vocational education and training, The Vocational Training Councilof Hong Kong


Vocational education and training (VET) in Hong Kong has long been regarded as non-mainstream and second-tier education for students who failed in academic education (Lim, 2008, 2010). The government of HKSAR and some non-government organizations are offering education programmes for these students in concerning with social injustice. In Hong Kong, VET has acquired a stigma and is automatically seen as second-class education. (Lim, 2008). This assertion is tested on quantity surveying education in this study. Quantity surveying education originated as part time day-release programmes which allowed students to receive academic and practical training at the same time. It was then developed into full time sandwich or part-time degrees which are provided by mainstream universities. University education emphasizes more on the training of mind and all-rounded knowledge and general surveying programmes are popular. In Hong Kong, quantity surveying programmes are provided by local universities as general surveying degrees and also by Vocational Training Council (VTC), through its branch, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), as higher diploma programme which focuses on quantity surveying and building surveying. VTC, being the largest vocational education and training provider in Hong Kong, is also the largest VET provider on quantity surveying in Hong Kong. The curriculum design, pedagogy, professional accreditation, articulation and career path of the higher diploma programme are studied to examine the effectiveness of the VET of quantity surveying in Hong Kong. These will be summarized as the overall VET strategies on quantity surveying, which can provide significant references for professional bodies and industry stakeholders, to set the level of recognition on VET graduates.

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The Pacific Association of Quantity Surveyors (PAQS) Congress