Using virtual instrument to develop a real-time web-based laboratory

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In this study, an online experiment was developed for sub-degree students at remote locations to control and obtain real-time measurements or experimental data. Online video is set up for better visual impact of what is going on in the remote site. The intention of this Web-based laboratory package is to make the experiment more interactive, attractive, and easily accessed. Background knowledge is included for better understanding of the theory behind the experiment and gives an overview of the operation of the remote controlled software used in this remote laboratory. Multimedia elements including sound, video, and animation are added for better explanation and easier understanding of software as well as basic theory for this remote laboratory. This remote equipment control and monitor was added as a supplement laboratory to a class of engineering students. Positive feedback from students was obtained through questionnaires and interviews. These results throw light on doing remote laboratory through the Internet and direction for improvement.

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Online and Distance Learning: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications



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