Parametric shape and topology optimization with moving knots radial basis functions and level set methods

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This paper presents a parametric shape and topology optimization technique which uses moving knots radial basis functions (RBFs) and level set methods. With the level set implicit function and RBFs-based parameterization, the shape and topology optimization problem is converted into a parameter optimization problem. Design variables are positions of the knots of RBFs. Within the framework of minimum compliance design under volume constraint, we deduce sensitivities of the objective function and volume function through combining the shape derivative analysis with the Hamilton-Jacobi equation. According to these sensitivities, we can move knots to new positions using a proper optimization algorithm. In this process, we can keep expansion coecients as constants or update them simultaneously. Numerical results demonstrate the capabilities of this method.

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The 7th World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO7), 2007 May 21-25, COEX Seoul

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