Submissions from 2023


Engineering Education in Hong Kong Secondary Schools - The Applied Learning Course Approach, Ken Hui

Submissions from 2021


Improvement of the Autodriver Algorithm for Autonomous Vehicles Using Roll Dynamics, Ching Nok, Catter To; Sina Milani; Hormoz Marzbani; and Reza Jazar

Submissions from 2020


Hierarchical routing protocols for wireless sensor network: a compressive survey, Hiu Fai Chan, Heiko Rudolph, Karina Gomez Chavez, and Akram Hourani


Design and installation of post-installed reinforcements: A state-of-the-art review, Daniel T. W. Looi; Yuen Fai, Augustus Lee; Ray K. L. Su; and Yanlong Zhang


An experimental study to measure the concentration of nanofluids by using refractive index, Kwan Ng and Man Hei Chau

Submissions from 2019


Structural behaviour of post-installed reinforcement bars in moment connections of wall-slabs, Yuen Fai, Augustus Lee; Ray K. L. Su; and Ricky W. K. Chan


Autonomous Vehicles: Autodriver Algorithm and Vehicle Dynamics, Hormoz Marzbani; Hamid Khayyam; Ching Nok, Catter To; Đại Võ Quốc; and Reza N. Jazar


Vibration and Buckling Characteristics of Functionally Graded Graphene Nanoplatelets Reinforced Composite Beams with Open Edge Cracks, Mei Fung, May Tam; Zhicheng Yang; Shaoyu Zhao; and Jie Yang

Submissions from 2018


Using Facebook to Promote Student Engagement in Authentic Learning for Vocational Education and Training (VET), Kin Ho, Benson Hung

Autodriver Autonomous Vehicles Control Strategy, Ching Nok, Catter To; Hormoz Marzbani; Đại Võ Quốc; and Milan Simic

Frequency Island and Nonlinear Vibrating Systems, Ching Nok, Catter To; Hormoz Marzbani; Đại Võ Quốc; and Milan Simic

Submissions from 2017

Thermal energy management of a battery pack used in a solar electric vehicle, Ho Yeung, Tommy Cheung; Man Hon Chow; Ping Kuen Chiu; and Shek Ho WONG


Instant messaging for enquiry-based learning and peer learning communities, Kin Ho, Benson Hung and Kin Ming Wong

Flipped classroom to unleash the potential of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET), Kin Chow, David Wong and Ken Hui

Submissions from 2016


How science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) project-based learning improves student learning, Ho Yeung, Tommy Cheung; Man Hon Chow; and Ping Kuen Chiu


Hybrid Sequencing of Uncompressed and Compressed 3D Stereoscopic Video: A Preliminary Quality Evaluation, Siu Ming, Vincent Choy; Eva Cheng; and Ian Burnett


Vocational Education and Training (VET) of Quantity Surveying in Hong Kong, Ken Hui


Is a flipped learning approach suitable for part-time engineering students at tertiary level education?, Kin Ho, Benson Hung


Promotion of STEM education in Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET), Kam Fat, Jonathan Lee and Sai Lok, Eric Liu


Joint VPET Programme at higher diploma level, Yau Cheung, Frankie Leung


Reflection for tri-city student exchange programmes on students' learning, Chun Sing, Raymond Man and Kam Fat, Jonathan Lee


Technology education in Hong Kong: trends, challenges and potentials, Tsz Ho, Roger Ng


Game-based learning in building services engineering vocational and professional education, Wai Yin, Paco Tang


A study of learning styles of engineering students in vocational education in Hong Kong, Kin Ming Wong

Submissions from 2015


Innovative Self-Organization Wireless Sensor Networks for Electrical Power Systems, Hiu Fai Chan and Heiko Rudolph


New energy efficient routing algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network, Hiu Fai Chan and Heiko Rudolph

Energy optimization of a solar powered electric vehicle for a long distance race with crosswind effects, Man Hon Chow, Chong Hing Tsui, Ping Kuen Chiu, and Heiko Rudolph


3D fatigue from stereoscopic 3D video displays: Comparing objective and subjective tests using electroencephalography, Siu Ming, Vincent Choy; Kwok-Ho Chiu; Eva Cheng; and Ian Burnett

Submissions from 2012

A study of address shortage in a tree based ZigBee network for mobile health applications, Ka Lun Lam; Hoi Yan Tung; King Tim Ko; Kim Fung Tsang; Hoi Ching Tung; Yat Wah, Derek Leung; and Wing Hong Lau

The energy profile study of electric kitchen utensils for residential smart kitchen, Yat Wah, Derek Leung; Kim Fung Tsang; Kwok Tai Chui; Ho Yin Chu; and Wai Hei Chow

A WiFi-ZigBee building area network design of high traffics AMI for smart grid, Hoi Yan Tung; Kim Fung Tsang; Hoi Ching Tung; Veseline Rakocevic; Kwok Tai Chui; and Yat Wah, Derek Leung

Submissions from 2011

Technical education and training for the development of Hong Kong optics industry, W.W. Tam and Chi Ho, Jimmy Cheng

Submissions from 2010

Manhan quanxi in Hong Kong (滿漢全席在香港), Ping Kuen Peter Chiu (趙炳權)

Vehicle emission measurement using PEMS: some experience in Hong Kong, S.T. Tang, T.Y. Leung, Man Keung Fung, C.K. Lam, K.L. Wong, and H.L. Wong

Submissions from 2009

Fire damage assessment of structural steel in a school, Bok Man David Chan

Damage control, Bok Man David Chan and D. Blair

Experimental approach on stress–strain analysis of weldment in Ti-TWBs at elevated temperatures, L.C. Chan, C.P. Lai, C.L. Chow, and Chi Ho Jimmy Cheng

Building an interactive E-lab, Kin Cheong Chu

Air quality system certification, Ka Shuen Fung

Forming limit diagrams of strain-rate-dependent sheet metals, M. Jie, Chi Ho Jimmy Cheng, L.C. Chan, and C.L. Chow

Submissions from 2008

Simplified and advanced analysis of membrane action of concrete slabs, Colin G. Bailey, Wee S. Toh, and Bok Man David Chan

Simulation of emission from local craft, Y.M. Chan, Ka Shuen Fung, and A.S.T. Tang

On the measurement of strain-strain dependent mechanical properties of weld zone in laser-welded blanks, Chi Ho, Jimmy Cheng; L.C. Chan; and C.L. Chow

Signature analysis on wheel-rail interaction for rail defect detection, T.K. Ho, S.Y. Liu, Y.T. Ho, K.H. Ho, Kwok Kam Wong, K.Y. Lee, H.Y. Tam, and S.L. Ho

Parametric shape and topology optimization via radial basis functions, partition of unity and level set method, Fung Yee Bonnie Lui, Michael Yu Wang, and Q. Xia

Submissions from 2007

Weldment properties evaluation and formability study of tailor-welded blanks of different thickness combinations and welding orientations, Chi Ho Jimmy Cheng, L.C. Chan, and C.L. Chow

True stress-strain analysis on weldment of heterogeneous tailor-welded blanks - a novel approach for forming simulation, Chi Ho Jimmy Cheng, M. Jie, L.C. Chan, and C.L. Chow

Extend the building automation system through Internet, Kin Cheong Chu

Using virtual instrument to develop a real-time web-based laboratory, Kin Cheong Chu

Energy efficiency (lighting), Ka Shuen Fung

Situation on exhaust emission from vessels in Hong Kong and progress on implementation of 《73/78 MARPOL》annex VI, Ka Shuen Fung and A.S.T. Tang

Oil mist filter design: a CFD approach, Ka Shuen Fung and T.T.E. Wong

Limit dome height and failure location of stainless steel tailor-welded blanks, M. Jie, Chi Ho Jimmy Cheng, C.L. Chow, and L.C. Chan

Parametric shape and topology optimization with moving knots radial basis functions and level set methods, Xianghua Xing, Michael Yu Wang, and Fung Yee Bonnie Lui

Submissions from 2006

Using senario-based learning for e-learning in vocational education, Kin Cheong Chu

Experimental and theoretical analysis on formability of aluminum tailor-welded blanks, M. Jie, Chi Ho Jimmy Cheng, L.C. Chan, and C.Y. Tang