Challenges to team ethnography and PAR: a reflection of the journey of fashionthothgraphy

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Participatory action research, Fashion education, Fashion pedagogy, Ethnography


Community-based experiential learning and academic-practitioner collaboration have become important components of post-secondary education (Amabile et al., 2001; Ozanne and Anderson, 2010; Ozanne and Saatcioglu, 2008). Many institutions are exploring innovative ways to enhance student learning experience and re-defining the concept of research in the academia. For instance, experiential learning could include a variety of learning activities, ranging from co-op to exchange program, to community-based research to co-innovation programs. Institutions are seeking ways to identify best approaches to maximize student learning experience. At the same time, academic research is moving to a multi-disciplinary arena. Cross-disciplinary, mixed-method or multi-methods approaches are more welcomed and accepted by the academic communities since the new research model can provide a holistic understanding and solutions for the challenges and problems. In this paper, we focus on presenting the challenges of implementing an “innovative pedagogy” that involve multiple disciplines, multiple researcher approaches (e.g., participatory action research, academic-practitioner collaboration) and stakeholders (researchers, educators, students, and research participants).

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Cumulus Hong Kong 2016 Conference

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