Design.Lives Lab: a case to introduce solution-focused design methodology for participatory design for social inclusion

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Design, Sociology and participation


The Design.Lives project is collaboration between the disciplines of design and sociology. This paper unfolds our latest attempt on the practice of design participation through educating young designers. We discuss a three-week Design.Lives Lab, a workshop for practicing our approach in a design education context. The design lab was inspired and informed by solution-focused approach and employed three tactics namely confrontational, empathy and the imagination of replacement so as to bring forth reflectivity on the role of designers and users. We finally found that these three tactics are significant in opening up the design community and sensitizing novice designers to the power of pre-reflexive being and dispositions. Our attempt has shown the significance and effectiveness of using solutionfocused approach as a design methodology.

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IASDR, the 4th World Conference on Design Research, 2011 Oct 31 - Nov 4, Delft, The Netherlands

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