Study on microwave sterilization technology of humidifier in central air conditioning system

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Central air conditioning system, Humidifier, Microorganism, Microwave, Sterilization




© 2019 The issue of fungal microbial contamination in central air conditioning systems is one of the main problems of biological pollution in building environment. In this study, through the basic experimental study of microwave sterilization under ideal conditions, considering the sterilization effect and energy consumption, the preliminary reference range of microwave sterilization effective temperature is 50°C–59 °C. Through the research of microwave sterilization experimental platform of humidifier in central air conditioning system, it is found that microwave sterilization has a slight influence on the air supply parameters of air conditioning system, and it can be considered under the operating conditions of air conditioning system with low accuracy of air supply parameters. The microwave radiation power of 1000 W and 900 W can quickly reach the effective sterilization temperature in 5 min, and the sterilization rate can reach 100%. The heating effect of the shielded parts is also very good. Considering the sterilization effect and energy saving, the microwave power of humidifier in central air conditioning system is ideal at 900 W for 5 min. Finally, the CST (a 3D electromagnetic field simulator) software was used to simulate and verify the power absorbed by the components, and the uniformity of microwave sterilization was also forecasted.

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Building and Environment

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