Thermal properties study and performance investigation of potassium formate solution in a falling film dehumidifier/regenerator.

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Thermal property, Potassium formate, Falling film, Mass transfer, Film shrinkage




Compared with the extensive attention drawn by salt solutions, the promising potassium formate (KCOOH) solution which has smaller causticity and lower price receives little attention in the field of liquid desiccant cooling system (LDCS). Consequently, the present paper studied both the thermal properties and mass transfer performance of KCOOH solution for its practical engineering application. The vapor pressure and density of KCOOH solution under different concentrations and temperatures were measured and then fitted in the form of polynomials with the mean absolute relative deviation (MARD) of 0.06% and 0.551% respectively. Referring to the data in the existing literature, the heat capacity of KCOOH solution was also fitted with the MARD of 0.15%. Mathematical models of dehumidification/regeneration with the film shrinkage on the plate dehumidifier/regenerator were developed and validated by the experimental data. Results showed that the wetting ratio predicted by the model matched well with the measured one with the relative difference of 3.4%. Besides, the dehumidification/regeneration performance obtained by the model in terms of absolute moisture change was also in line with the experimental ones with the MARD of 6.05%/4.2%. In summary, the correlations of KCOOH solution thermal properties, mathematical model, and experimental results were valuable for the engineering application of KCOOH solution in LDCS.

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International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

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