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A number of important developments have taken place in the area of medical and health during 1991-1992. The Hospital Authority has formally taken over the control of the thrity-eight public hospitals and health care institutions. The government has begun to implement some of the recommendations of the Working Party on Primary Health Care. A Green Paper on rehabilitation policies and services was published. An ad hoc Medical Insurance Study Group, appointed by the Secretary for Health and Welfare, has completed its work. A Health and Welfare Fees and Waivers Committee was established. A Green Paper on health services financing is being drafted. A new Health and Medical Development Advisory Committee was appointed to replace the old Medical Development Advisory Committee. The Working Party on Postgraduate Medical Education has proposed the formation of a new Hong Kong Academy of Medicine. The Working Party on Chinese Medicine has published a report for public consultation.

This chapter does not attempt to provide a comprehensive review of all the important events that happened during the year. Instead, it tries to determine whether or not some of these recent developments are steps in the direction that will eventually bring about a health care system that (1) is readily accessible to all residents of Hong Kong, and (2) delivers high quality health care at a reasonable cost...

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The Other Hong Kong Report 1992

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