Behavior and ecotoxicity of manufactured nanomaterials in marine environment

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In the last decade, the safety and risks of manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs) have been raised concerned in governments and scientists. Different reports focusing on the environmental hazard assessment and ecotoxicology of MNMs have been published. However, few of the reports are specially focus on the stability and ecotoxicity of MNMs in marine environment. It should be recognized that most industrial discharges are to estuarine or marine environments, and it is expected that the MNMs may follow the same fate. Therefore, the fate, behavior and toxicological effects of MNMs in marine environment, especially the estuary and coastal system, should not be neglected. We presented here the comparative behaviors of MNMs (such as TiO2 nanoparticles, etc.) in fresh and marine environment. The bioaccumulation and toxicity of MNMs to various marine organisms were also detected. The future needs in marine nanoecotoxicology were discussed in the end.

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The 247th ACS National Meeting, 2014 March 16-20, Dallas, TX, USA

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