Meta-based distributed computing framework

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The explosive growth of distributed technologies requires frameworks to be adaptable. This paper uses design patterns as building blocks to develop an adaptive pattern-oriented framework for distributed computing applications. We describe our novel approach of combining a meta-architecture with a pattern-oriented framework, resulting in an adaptable framework which provides a mechanism to facilitate system evolution. We show how the meta-based framework can be used effectively to enable component integration and to separate system functionality from application functionality. The framework is based on modelling layers of the architecture to meet the challenges of customization, reusability, and extendibility in distributed computing technology. We also highlight how the meta-based framework will impose significant adaptability in system evolution through a simple example using a HTTP Server in conjunction with a thread pool.

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Parallel and Distributed Processing and Applications, The 2nd International Symposium, ISPA 2004, Dec 13-15, Hong Kong, China. Proceedings, vol. 3358 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science

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