The impact of management measures on performance of outsourced professional housing maintenance services

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Property management, Housing, Outsourcing, Maintenance, Quality management, Hong Kong




Purpose: This study seeks to investigate the actual impact of management practices on performance quality of the outsourced professional housing maintenance services in Hong Kong. Much of the literature is theoretically based and there is a knowledge gap in empirical confirmatory testing of the validity of the theories for effective management of the outsourced professional services.

Design/Methodology/Approach: It was hypothesized that there was positive correlation between output performance quality and input management factors. Triangulation methodology was used to develop and test the correlation whereby literature review and qualitative interviews with the maintenance consultancy management practitioners of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) were used to generate the hypothesis which was then tested by quantitative regression, using data from the maintenance consultancies of the Authority.

Findings: The hypothesis was transformed into sub‐hypotheses, which were primarily positive relationships, between service quality and individual input factors of competition level, past performance, project leadership and quality benchmarking. Results of the qualitative and quantitative studies confirmed and validated the hypotheses, and hence substantiated that there is a significant correlation between performance quality and the relevant management practices in the outsourcing process of professional housing maintenance services.

Research Limitations/Implications: Whilst the correlation is validated in the context of professional housing maintenance services of the HKHA, it forms a conceptual baseline on which further research can build to test its significance for many other public and private sector settings, and for various professional property management services. Effective management measures can be identified to optimize performance quality.

Practical Implications: This paper establishes the validity of the impact of management practices that property managers can apply to enhance the quality of outsourced professional housing maintenance services for the benefit of their customers and organizations.

Originality/Value: This study should contribute to management of outsourced professional services in the context of housing. Property managers can enhance the performance quality of their professional consultants by applying effective management measures so that they can optimize service quality to satisfy the ever‐increasing tenant and owner expectations of value for money property services from outsourcing.

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