Principles of food processing

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This chapter provides an overview of the basic principles of food processing. The goals of modern food processing can be summarized as follows:

- Formulation. A logical basic sequence of steps to produce an acceptable and quality food product from raw materials.

- Easy production procedures. Develop methods that can facilitate the various steps of production.

-Time economy. A cohesive plan that combines the science of production and manual labor to reduce the time needed to produce the product.

- Consistency. Application of modern science and technology to assure the consistency of each batch of products.

- Product and worker safety. The government and the manufacturers work closely to make sure tha the manufacturers work closely to make sure that the product is wholesome for public consumption, and the workers work in a safe environment.

- Buyer friendliness. Assuming the buyer likes the product, the manufacturer must do everything hmanly possible to ensure that the product is user friendly (size, cooking instructions, keeping quality, convenience. ect.)

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Food Processing: Principles and Applications

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