Open building implementation in high-rise residential buildings in Hong Kong

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Journal Article

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Aging building stock, Building layouts, Existing housing, High-rise built environment


Aging of building stock is emerging. Open Building as a sustainable approach to deal with the problems associated with the aging housing stock is seldom applied in high-rise, densely populated built environment. With aims to identify the constraints and seek rooms for Open Building implementation in aforementioned context, a survey of 495 building layout plans from ten major housing estates in Hong Kong is conducted. The floor plans are analysed against the Open Building characteristics and criteria laid down by Tiuri (1998). Facts and obstacles of achieving Open Building in the territory are unearthed, and opportunities for implementation are then discussed. The layout and structure of the surveyed private residential buildings in Hong Kong are very much alike. They are in fact closed buildings without the capacity to adapt, so any change in user requirements cannot be accommodated easily. Implementing Open Building using flexible and green fittings remains a viable option that enables transformation in existing housing stock.

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Open House International

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