Barriers to elearning as perceived by management and hospitality undergraduate students

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ELearning, Barriers to eLearning, Intention to use eLearning, Education, Management and hospitality program, Self-financing institute


ELearning is not only a trend, it becomes essential in today’s university students’ preference in learning. With the advanced of technology, students can easily access materials by their mobile phones and internet. This research aims to investigate any barriers perceived by undergraduate students studying in Faculty of Management and Hospitality at the Technological & Higher Education Institute in Hong Kong (THEi). Before quantitative survey, focus group interviews were performed to identify the potential barriers as perceived by the students. After the interviews, 26 statements measuring barriers, 3 statements measuring the overall satisfaction, and 1 statement measuring the overall intention to use ELearning were developed into the questionnaire. A total of 232 valid responses were received. Multiple regression were tested between the overall satisfaction to ELearning with the 26 perceived barriers. Independent t-tests and ANOVA were performed to test any significance differences existed between demographic variables and the dependent and independent variables. At the end, recommendations were suggested to ensure ELearning can be proceeded by reducing the barriers so that learning can be more effective by using the new technology.

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The 14th APacCHRIE Conference, 2016 May 11-13, Bangkok, Thailand

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