Physical and technical comparisons between various-sided games within professional soccer

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Football, Aerobic, Technical actions, Fittness training, Heart rate




This study compared the technical activity and physical movements of various-sided games within professional soccer. It also examined the test-retest reliability of sided games using various numbers of players. 10 elite male players from a Scottish Premier League performed small- (SSGs: 4 vs. 4), medium- (MSGs: 5 vs. 5 to 8 vs. 8) and large- (LSGs: 9 vs. 9 to 11 vs. 11) sided games each lasting for 3 × 5 min. Results show significant physical differences (p < 0.05) between SSGs, MSGs and LSGs for most of the variables measured. It was shown that SSGs induce a significantly faster playing speed when compared to MSGs and LSGs (150.5 vs. 108.3 vs. 120.4 m. min − 1 , p < 0.01) but significantly less (p < 0.01) repeated high-intensity efforts (0.88 vs. 4.40 m), high-intensity running (7 vs. 39 m) and sprint distance (0 vs. 11 m) when compared to LSGs. Findings also revealed significant differences (p < 0.05) between SSGs, MSGs and LSGs in technical demands (passes, dribbles, shots, headers). High levels of reproducibility (ICC = 0.99) were yielded when using the same-sided games, pitch sizes and possession rules. This study provided information on diff erent-sided games to facilitate its use as part of a periodised weekly structure.

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International Journal of Sports Medicine

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