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The second paper in a series of research focusing on the transference of cuisine and Michelin rated restaurants Hong Kong, known as a culinary paradise in Asia, has seen a rise in high end Chinese restaurants opening around the city within the Michelin Guide. These restaurants represent some of the most innovative and highest quality Chinese cuisine in the region. The chefs of these restaurants are artisans that expertly try to maintain the integrity of Chinese cuisine while pushing the boundaries of becoming Michelin. This study continues the works of exploring Michelin cuisine while analyzing the changes and challenges chefs face in Hong Kong with regards to cuisine taken from a chef’s perspective. This research is set apart from the rest in that the focus is on the chefs as craftsmen and not their consumers or their perception of the chef’s cuisine. The expanding background of this study means to provide new insights into how chefs work with food. This applied industry research was conducted using secondary data through the COVID-19 pandemic utilizing interviews with chefs, their menus, and their perception of Chinese cuisine.

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International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science

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