人與物件的時光之旅: 論董啟章《天工開物‧栩栩如真》的物(家)史書寫 To journey along time for beings and their objects: an inquisition of object/family history writing in Dong Qizhang's Tiangong kaiwu, xuxu ruzhen

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董啟章, 物(家)史, 可能世界, 獨特物件, 城市, Dong Qizhang, Object history & Family history, Possible world, Les object singuliers, City



City and history have been the writing themes in Dong Qizhang's works. Since 2002, Dong has begun the writing of A Trilogy of Natural History, which portrays a brand-new landscape of writing distinct from his previous works and turns a new page of narratives in city and history that differs from other writers of the same generation. Being the projected city of Hong Kong, V-cheng has weathered the continuous development of capitalism. People and their objects are being compressed. Their relationships vary from time to time. This article aims to conduct the inquisition from two perspectives. First, it analyses Tiangong Kaiwu, Xuxu Ruzhen in relation to the writing saga in Dong's novels so as to explore how Dong manipulates ”the imaginary pattern of word manufactory plants” to create a number of Les object singuliers in oblivion. It also examines the interdependence of beings and their objects in which they both stretch and limit each other in a dense city of people and objects. Second, the article discusses the unique narrative in Tiangong Kaiwu, Xuxu Ruzhen by object/family history. Historical chronicles are by nature the weave of descriptions of memory and time concepts. Dong deliberately evades cross-referencing significant historical events from anecdotal family history. He uses the personal and intimate register of letters to chronicle the family memory of three generations. Such a narrative beginning from Les object singuliers presents its concept of time in forms of waves. Finally, the article engages in discussions about possible worlds and suggests how novels may trigger our diversified imagination possibilities about the concept of time.

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政大中文學報 National ChengChi University Chinese Journal

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