Towards sustainable landscape architectural works in Hong Kong

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Landscape design and building design relates to each other more and more closely. They are becoming inseparable. A total sustainable design strategy for a site include both the building and its interior, roof tops and podiums, as well as the associated open spaces.

This paper attempts to briefly outline and discuss the following development in Hong Kong with special emphasis on case studies:

1. Environmental Policy and landscape design,

2. Environmentally friendly Landscape Design practices,

3. Sustainable Landscape Design in Urban settings,

4. Recent work in Hong Kong at macro and micro levels towards landscape sustainability. Examples include Landscape and Visual Value mapping, Hong Kong International Wetland Park, and Greening Master Plan in urban areas. The paper concludes with a forward looking discussion on what can be done, and what need to be done to allow better sustainable landscape design strategies to become realities.

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Joint Hong Kong and Hangzhou Seminar on the Partnering and Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Buildings Design, 2007 Sep 21-23, Hangzhou, China

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