建設可持續發展的未來: 香港綠化總綱圖計劃 Framing Hong Kong's sustainable future: beyond the greening master plan

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由 2003 年起,經過六年時間,綠化總綱圖計劃已經由改善市區綠化的單一目標轉變為覆蓋範圍擴展至新界地區的綠化和景觀改善計劃。作者分析了這一轉變的過程,認為綠化總綱圖計劃在重塑香港都市景觀的同時,也為創建香港可持續發展的未來發揮著重要的作用。

Greening Master Plan of Hong Kong was first initiated in 2003 as a greening reinforcement project. After six years, it has been converted into a much extended landscape enhancement scheme, covering both urban dense area and New Towns area. After analyzing this transforming process, the author suggests that while the GMP is reshaping Hong Kong’s urban landscape, it can also play an important role in framing Hong Kong’s sustainable future.

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香港天津可持续发展建筑技术专业咨询研讨会, 2009 十月 23-24, 天津, 中國 The 2009 Joint Hong Kong and Tianjin Conference for Sustainable Building, 2009 Oct 23-24, Tianjin, China

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