A guide to prepare a building maintenance manual

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The main purpose of this book is to provide a practical guidance on the preparation of a BMM, which is comply with the requirements stipulated in the "Revised Guidelines for Deeds of Mutual Covenant (DMC)" published by the Legal Advisory and Conveyancing Office (LACO) of the Lands Department in 2006. This Guide is tailor made for Hong Kong practice and is applicable for various types of buildings like residential, commercial, industrial buildings and composite buildings no matter they are multi-owned or not. The Guide is divided into three volumes, namely, the General Building Records Manual (GBRM), the Works and Installations Manual (WIM) and the Supplementary Information Manual (SIM) with two appendices and two annexes. Appendix I provided recommended maintenance cycle to various Works and Installations. Appendix II provided sample templates for the BMM. Annexes 1 and 2 provided handy references of related regulations, international standards and codes of practices on various Works and Installations... (preface)

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