Growth of some native broad-leaved trees and plant diversity in the coniferous plantation of South China

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Plantation reformation, Growth of the native tree species, Plant diversity in the understory


The growth of 11 native broad-leaved tree species in a coniferous plantation located in Zengcheng, Guangdong Province was studied. The result showed that the saplings of four Fagaceae species(Castanopsis fissa, C.carlesii, C.eyrei, and Cyclobalanopsis bella) had vigorous growth in the plantation during the first 5 years, which were excellent species in the ecological plantations. The saplings of Toona sinensis had rapid growth in the first 3 years, but the growth declined in the fourth and fifth year. It had higher light requirement with its growing. It can be used as reformed species in the low-density ecological plantations. The saplings of Tutcheria championii was shade-tolerant and showed good competition under the canopy. It can be used as the enrichment species for the reformation of secondary forests. The saplings of Cinnamomum camphora,Liquidambar formosana, and Michelia macclurei had relatively poor growth in the high-density ecological plantations. The plot investigation result indicated that most understory species invading the plantation were shade-tolerant and bird dispersed.

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Forest Research

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