Applied Degree Education and the Future of Work

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Applied education, innovation, technology, education 4.0




This edited volume sets the stage for discussion on Education 4.0, with a focus on applied degree education and the future of work. Education 4.0 refers to the shifts in the education sector in response to Industry 4.0 where digital transformation is impacting the ways in which the world of work and our everyday lives are becoming increasingly automated. In the applied degree sector, significant change and transformation is occurring as leaders, educators and partners evolve smart campus environments to include blended learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, BYOD devices, process automation and engage in curriculum renewal for and with industries and professions. This volume aims to profile and enhance the contribution of applied educational practice and research particularly in the applied degree sector and includes contributions that show case real world outcomes with students and industry as partners.

This edited volume includes a wide range of topics, such as rethinking the role of education and educators; curriculum and the future of work; industrial partnership, collaboration and work integrated learning; vocational and professional practices; students, industry and professions as partners; employability skills and qualities for the 21st century world of work; innovative pedagogy and instructional design; adaptive learning technologies; and data analytics, assessment and feedback. The contributors come from different parts of the world in higher education, including, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Macau, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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